Mm And Km Links November 2013 Week [5]

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gen2 | 21:05 Fri 29th Nov 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Week 5 means we have reached the end of another month and it is your last chance to become November champion in either game

Who will it be?

Ulysses100, x-ray and teacher1 are currently leading the KM version while
Elliemay1, BigMac, Brenden & Strix are ahead in the MM Game

The MM Links Game is being set by 'Princess Di', (aka Grannydi) but she rang me this afternoon to report that her computer is sick and has to go to the doctor. I shall therefore be posting the challenge on her behalf.
The introduction will appear at 8:45am, then the challenge words will be posted at 9:00. Early players are more likely to claim bonus points so be sure to set your alarms.

Our sister game, the KM Links will be launched as usual by seekeerz from Australia. That will be posted early on Saturday but no rush needed there - play anytime before midnight Sunday for an equal chance of points.

As the weather grows colder and the lochs start to freeze over, it time to snuggle up to the wood-burner in the potting shed nursing a bottle of malt

The Shrubbery is now open for socialising.

Until tomorrow then - Happy Linking


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I'll swap you the potting shed etc for the icebox and 37plus degrees anytime you like gen2 Good morning
Question Author
Hi seekeerz.
I believe the DT Puzzle site is still non-functional so you may have to wait until someone gets a paper copy before you post your clues.
Question Author
Mamyalynne has just posted this as a possibility:
Oh rats !! I haven't been game to check it out all week, so thanks for that bit of news .....not ! Really plays havoc with my Saturdays !

How are things in the highlands ...getting a tad nippy I suspect
That looks promising, good on mamya she's usually on top of things
Question Author
Hardly the highlands of Fife!
But yes, it is getting nippy. We have had a few days of clear skies and frosty nights. Away from the coast, shallow lochs are starting to freeze over - I was photographing gulls standing on ice this afternoon.
Which of you was standing on ice, Gen2?
Question Author
You'll have to wait 45 mins Tearinghair, to find out.
When I post the picture, you'll be able to tell.
He he he !
Well, you must have had plenty of practice, being a penguin.
Naughty naughty, tearinghair !!
Not naughty at all, skz. And Gen2 is already making me (+ two friends) suffer with his latest Hotpot quiz. We're stuck with thirty-one answers still to get!
Question Author
Here you are Tearinghair
Make your own mind up who is on the ice.
Question Author
There's still two months before you have to send the quiz in so that's just one to get every two days: Simples.
Beautiful! Fascinating reflections in the water - slightly fuzzy. Are they naturally like that or have you doctored them? I have a number of reflection photos, mostly in still water, but not usually involving living creatures; I tend to stick to trees and vegetation in general. They give a very true reflection - I have a couple that look exactly the same upside down as the right way up.
I'm a bit worried about the robins, gen2, if that's the fourth one that thinks you're its mother !!

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Mm And Km Links November 2013 Week [5]

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