Mm Links November 2013 Week 4

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grannydi | 08:45 Sat 23rd Nov 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good Morning, Princess Di greeting you all for the penultimate time this month.

November is fast disappearing and soon Christmas will be beckoning.
I have managed to get birthday/Christmas lists from two of the 4 Granddaughters all of whom have their birthdays in November and December. Most inconsiderate of their parents!
The elder 2 are quite happy to have money which they can then spend during the coming year, but the younger 2 still have a list of what I would consider mostly junk. They all get far too much these days.

As University will be looming in the next year or so, money is always a good thing for them as costs hit the roof for education. How lucky I was to have free University education and I even got a small grant as well. I’m not sure that any of them have decided on a career yet but there is plenty of time. I didn’t set my sights on Dentistry until after I had left school, which if you consider the family history of Dentists, is strange. (we now have 4 generations of dentists). Never mind, I never regretted my choice of career.

Prince John’s birthday comes a full 9 weeks after mine, yes! I have a toy boy, but then so does my daughter and just to cap it all, my son is a toy boy as well – it must run in the family!!
Granddaughter number 2 shares a birthday with Prince John, so there is usually a joint celebration at some restaurant in Durham. This year we are going to have an early party as our restaurant of choice isn’t open on Mondays. The choice is usually left to G D.No.2 so we will be keeping our fingers crossed that all is well.


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According to normal practice, for the everyday running of MM, I shall follow this rule on word length, in that each of my pre-selected link words contains at least four letters and at most eight letters. Stray outside this range and you will be wasting one of your attempts!

Each of the selected link words may go in front of, or behind my challenge word to make a new longer word or to make a well-known phrase or saying. The combination will never be a person's name.

The competition will officially close on Sunday Evening at 7.00pm, when gen2 will declare my pre-selected words and then apply the same rules for awarding points that have been applied during all MM Link Games in the past. My set of four words to have their links predicted should appear below at 9.00am.
Roslyn, while I think of it, it's probably the 'thickness' that is giving problems with Gen2's quiz - they measure that too, by putting the envelope through a slot,
Just been out to put the washing on the line. Think I'm suffering from incipient frostbite....
Question Author
I, 'Princess Di', challenge you to predict my set of four links to go with these four challenge words.


Good luck everybody
My granddaughters birthday is Christmas Eve !!!
Present ARMS
Dinner GONG
Party LINE
card school
present tense
dinner table
party trick
greetings CARD
DINNER jacket
cocktail PARTY
card SHARP
present DAY
dinner TIME
party POOPER
Good morning

Birthday Card
Present Tense
Dinner Plate
Party animal
WEDDING present
dinner SERVICE
party LINE
ROAST Dinner
I'll try
present ARMS
dinner DATE
party GAMES
Middlestump -day is too short
Good morning all

Card table
Present moment
Dogs dinner
Guilty party
and you can all see when my birthday is!
owllady - CHRISTMAS is too many letters
Present ARMS
Diinner JACKET
All our days are too short, Christiana!

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Mm Links November 2013 Week 4

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