Mm Links November 2013 Week 1

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grannydi | 08:44 Sat 02nd Nov 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hello, Princess Di here to challenge you for the next 5 weekends – trust me to cop a 5 week-ender!!

This week we have had Hallowe’en and next week Guy Fawkes with which to contend. I’m afraid I’m not into ‘Trick or Treat’. Fortunately we haven’t been too much troubled by the little dears banging on our front door in recent years.

As for firework displays, I have seen some impressive ones during my lifetime. I think the best was when the Queen celebrated her silver jubilee and we were invited as guests onto a boat moored on the Thames. It was a fantastic display accompanied by the appropriate music. All a long time ago and now we just open the living room curtains and watch from the warmth of our house. I suppose if the grandchildren lived a bit closer we would be a bit more pro-active, but they don’t so that’s that.

We also have to get used to the change in the hour. I get so annoyed when ‘officials’ talk about ‘gaining’ more daylight. We don’t; all we are doing is shifting the time that dawn arrives and sunset occurs. There has been talk in the past of adopting European time so we can be in sync. with our continental cousins, but recently the Spanish parliament (one part of it) has voted to adopt GMT so that the whole Iberian peninsula is on the same time. Seems sensible to me.


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Good Morning

Full Time
Costume Change
Silver Birch
Crown Estate
small CHANGE
SILVER dollar
CROWN Jewels
Time limit
change over
solid silver
crown jewels
MARK time
SMALL change
silver COIN
HALF crown
time scale

change course

silver dollar

crown lawyer
Time Piece
Silver Birch
Loose Change
Crown Prince
Time table
Change over
Silver Jubilee
Crown jewels
Good Morning everyone. Here are our efforts for today.

Mr. O
Time Zone
Quick change
Silver Lining
Crown Prince

Mrs. O.
Mean Time
Change Hands
Sterling Silver
Crown Land

Good luck to all.
SPARE change
silver SURFER
PAPER crown
Time bomb
Small change
Silver service
Crown imperial
Good afternoon Princess Di, SHAZZA is going with:

SHORT Change
Silver SPOON

And I’m going for:

Change OVER
Silver BIRCH
HALF Crown
time limit
small change
sterling silver
crown jewels
time machine
gear change
silver dollar
half crown
Time bomb
Short change
Silver birch
Crown Jewels
Time Keeper
Small Change
Silver Birch
Crown Jewels
Thanks Princess Di and good afternoon all. I'll try:

SHORT Change
QUICK Silver

summer time
loose change
silver bullet
crown bowls
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Mm Links November 2013 Week 1

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