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JaneNS | 17:30 Mon 28th Oct 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can you help on the following questions, all relate in some way to light:

1) Carers tumble around me (7 letters)
2) Fellow beat dandy (8 letters)
3) Left in ticket price (5 letters)

Many thanks in advance.


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3, Flare
3 Flare ?
3 Flare
2:f lam beau
1. sunrise - anagram of nurses around I (me)
Question Author
Thanks everyone for the answers. Just a few more I'm stuck on:

1) Decor on a budget hides this (6 letters)
2) Stone alien (6 letters)
3) Measure out gold (6 letters)
4) 20th shellfish (7 letters)

Thanks so much the text
2 Rocket
3:mete or
4 twinkle
Question Author
Thanks everyone, some of the answers seem so obvious when you see them!

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