Mm And Km Links September 2013 Week [1]

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gen2 | 20:06 Fri 06th Sep 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Whether you were a high flyer or a free-faller in August, it doesn't matter, because everyone is back on a level playing field with all scoreboards wiped clean.

It is business as usual in the KM Links Game with the challenges as usual being provided by the setter of the Saturday's & Monday's GK Crosswords in The Daily Telegraph (Kate Mepham).
That game is managed by Seekeerz from down under in Oz. The game starts early on Saturday but play anytime before midnight on Sunday for an equal chance of points.

The other version of the game, The MM Links, was created in honour of Kate's late father, Michael Mepham. It is set by one of the players here on AB. This month, we have a pixie in charge, but not just any pixie, oh no, we have recruited the Queen of Pixies herself, 'Joan the Wad', to set the challenge words throughout September.

In both games, 4 words are declared to challenge you. You then have to suggest a word (for each) that will combine with the challenge word to make either a new word, or a well-known phrase. New players are always welcome in both games.
In the MM version, we specify that the answer will never be a person's name. KM on the other hand is he own mistress and whatever Kate says, goes (but she does seem to avoid peoples names).

Points are awarded in the KM Game as follows: 1, 3, 6, 10 points for 1,2, 3 or 4 correct matches

Slightly different in the MM version. One point for every correct match PLUS 1 bonus point if you are either the first to discover a link or are within 2 minutes of that first person. Two further bonus points are awarded to any player correctly guessing all four links.
That means that early play is an advantage to MM Links players but in the KM version you can play anytime for an equal chance of scoring points.

September = Autumn = cold, windy, damp weather. I won't be hanging around in the shrubbery much longer but you are welcome to come in and socialise if you feel so inclined.

Don't forget to participate.
You know where - - - Q & P
You know when (early for KM and 9 am (with an intro 15 minutes earlier) for MM.
See you there
Happy Linking


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Good evening gen2 and fellow linkers.
I'm back in action again, after a while missing from the Links games, and hope to enter the competitions again this weekend.
On the Friday night scene there doesn't appear to be many people in the shrubbery lately.
A lot of the old gang seem to be missing, is anyone still around ?.
Some of you will remember the start of the MM and KM links with this post on September 23rd 2006 (from ShamrockBlue)

Todays Telegraph Crossword
Firstly if you don't want to know todays link words, don't open this thread.
Just thought it might be a bit of fun to have a little game amongst ourselves on AB, basically guessing what Monday Herculis Link words might be, to link up with today's which are ( I hope ! ) : TRACE : TONGS : DONKEY : CARD.
First post with all correct to be the winner, in the best Telegraph tradition there will be no prize except the satisfaction of seeing your name in pixels ... oh and of course three,of the much sought-after, AB stars of commendation.
Good luck !
11:44 Sat 23rd Sep 2006

Almost seven years ago and competitions still going strong, thanks to Crofter, gen2 and Seekeerz. Long may they continue.
Hi Gen2 and x-ray
I didn't 'join' until 2008, but have noticed like you that many of those who were originally in the shrubbery on Friday evenings no longer brave the elements. I'd love to know where they are and whether they're OK.
No trace
Curling tongs
Donkey years
Birthday card.
Good evening tearinghair.
Yes, I like you often wonder how and where they are. Hopefully somebody will see this post and give us some answers
Oh elliemay - you have misread my post - those words were the first Link contest - in 2006
I did once before make a gentle enquiry, but there was a fairly firm answer that I should leave well alone... I hadn't intended to pry, but obviously if people have left the site because they value their privacy it might have seemed like that.
Question Author
Maybe a few have left over personal issues but I think illness and old-age are taking their toll.
I know that at least 3 players players from the early years have since died.
Others are struggling on with medical conditions that restrict their use of this site. Not all wish to make their problems public and we should respect that so we'll just have to appeal to the younger and fitter generation to take a more active part in these games.
Hi gen2
You are probably right with the illness and old age, and I agree that we should respect any wishes others may have.
Fair enough, of course, Gen2. It's just that we seem to be such a friendly group that it's natural to be concerned about each other.
The web has grown so large from when this site first started and, yes, some of the first Shrubbery participants are now pushing up daisies.
But the neglect of the Shrubbery has more to do with more "select" (rather than anybody can see and read you on the interweb) groups on other sites.
It has all been like kids mucking around at schools and then somehow they all go their different ways.
I leave you with this link to my friend and university contemporary to remember those days:
I'll just chip in here to say Welcome back to x-ray, its good to have you with us again. I know people have changing priorities but it is sad to lose friends, for whatever reasons, and lovely to see them again should they return.
Hi if any of you see this. I am one who has been awol. I have had a few medical problems keeping me away a bit and now my Mother In Law is very ill, so we get quite busy doing our 'duties'. :-(
However, I would hate to lose the friends on here, so I shall try and pop in more often. :-)
Hope you all keep well. x

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Mm And Km Links September 2013 Week [1]

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