Mm And Km Links August 2013 Week [5]

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gen2 | 20:04 Fri 30th Aug 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This weekend straddles August and September but both the KM Links Game and the MM Links Game are treating this as the final round in the August challenge.

The KM Game has a leader, Bryher, who is only 2 points in front so is easily vulnerable to an astute player who could potentially score 10 points this weekend. Yes, that play could be yourself. Just lookout for a post by Seekeerz in Q&P early tomorrow morning and then play anytime before midnight on Sunday for equal chances at scoring.

Whereas the KM Game is based on answers to GK Crosswords in the Daily Telegraph set by Kate Mepham (KM), the alternative game, played in honour of Kate's late father, Michael Mepham (MM), is set by one of our own. This month, the challenge is being set by beejay1124. He will post an introduction in Q&P at 8:45 tomorrow morning followed by the challenge at 9:00. Play anytime before 7pm Sunday but early players are more likely to claim bonus points. Each first successful discovery of a link opens a two-minute bonus window. If you also correctly guess the same link within that window, then you too are awarded a bonus point. Early play gives you the best chance of claiming one.

Last weekend there were a few missing faces (avatars), possibly because of the English bank holiday. You have no such excuse this weekend so hopefully we will see you all in Q&P tomorrow (or the day after).

Summer is still just about hanging on in The Shrubbery. Bees are buzzing, butterflies are butting and flies are mating prior to the big chill that turns leaves red and gold heralding the onset of autumn. Some fruits and berries are ripening but the poor spring did no favours for some others. Is anyone going to bet on a mild winter? a harsh winter? or a waxwing winter?

Whatever. Tomorrows game is all that matters.

Until then - Happy Linking


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Mm And Km Links August 2013 Week [5]

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