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ruthay321 | 09:48 Thu 21st Jul 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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There are a few of these... your help is appreciated.

Who is Mr.Derek's pet?

Bobby the cat belonged to who in Coronation Street?

The collective name for a group of kittens? Is there something different to litter?

Chesney's pet dog in Coronation Street is called.....?

And what breed is it?

Who was Roland Rat's nephew?

What is the dog in Heartbeat called?

Name the horse in Steptoe and Son.

What is a group of kangaroos called?


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Horse in Steptoe ....Hercules
Bobby the cat...Minnie Caldwell.
chesney's dog is called  Schmichael and its a great dane
Mr Derek's pet was Basil Brush (Derek Fowlds)
Roland Rat nephew...Reggie. in Heartbeat
A Kendle or kIndle of kittens
A Mob or troop of kangaroos
Also a court of kangaroos I think
roland rat's nephew is Kevin I think
Bobby was Minnie Caldwell's cat.

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