Which Of The Folllowing Can Lay Eggs?

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Suetheramble | 21:10 Mon 08th Jul 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Sloth, Duck filled platypus, red panda, aye-aye?


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sorry - LOL @ duck filled platypus.

I think it's the platypus.
LOL...It's a duck filled (Billed) platypus
Duck billed platypus is the only one, I think.
Can't stop laughing, sorry Sue x
Question Author
Yeap !! Slight typing error there - sorry
Has he been eating those ducks again ??
Not even sure they eat ducks, LOL
Do forgive us Sue, we all make typos , me especially.
He is currently starring in a bank ad I think.
Yes, sorry Sue, but the best typo of 2013...
Question Author
Should I transfer it to Jokes? :-)
Nah, leave it with us in Q&P. We're loving it xx
great laugh on me. I didn't ever spot the typo!!
the platypus.
If the Platypus is duck filled it probably will lay eggs ;-)
oh oh oh what a doughnut i done a typo!!
I think she's got it confused with the "duck filled fatty puss"!
..from this ancient joke:
What do you call a cat that swallows a duck? A duck-filled-fatty-puss.

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Which Of The Folllowing Can Lay Eggs?

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