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bazzard | 16:43 Sat 15th Jun 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I used to go in for lots of competitions in Supermarkets and on labels, but I do not see them much now. Is there a firm that I can subscribe to that will send me copies of competition leaflets? I do not want to do internet competitions, or order competition magazines, such as Competitor's Journal - I like paper copies and wrappers.
I used to belong to a firm that did this, but I can not recall the name. I think it was something like 'swopshop'.
Any ideas please?


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The first thread here -- -- has postal competitions
you might look at.
I still manage to find quite a few on packets and leaflets, there's one on Yeo yoghurts at the moment.
Another two are and

Also a number of competitions are on the manufacturer's Facebook pages.
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Thank you all for your answers. I was actually looking for a company that would send the leaflets to me, like they used to, as I am unable to leave the house. I could use the website, but quite like to have actual leaflets.
bazzard, I have the details of such a company at home, when I get home later ( about half 6 ) I will come back to you with their details. X
bazzard, are you a reular comper?
Have you had much luck in the past?
Its always nice to hear from other compers, especially if its news of a win. X
Question Author
Sparkles. Look forward to receiving details of the competition firm. Prizes won by my family include Orient Express trip and a car.
bazzard - in recent years Competitions as a hobby has changed. The Internet has made it much easier for companies to promote a competition, particularly via Facebook and Twitter. There has been a great decline in the number of competition entry forms for posting; also tie-breaking competitions appear to have almost been phased out.

I can remember some years back when one had to collect wrappers from soup cans or even tops from meat paste jars as qualifiers for a competition. The hobby has changed much for the worse with the www. Most 'competitions' in fact have become prize draws.

One exercise which annoys me is where the competitor has to spend time in solving a puzzle or creating a poem etc, only to find that the winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck in your search.
Bazzard, I haven't forgotten you, just found the info that you were after. X

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