the answers are birds,animals or sea creatures

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HONI | 19:54 Thu 14th Jul 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1.used as a croquet in the wind and the willows.[8 letters]

2.found up high in banana trees [6,4,] of a feline nature for children in a yul brynner film[7]

4.danny kaye sang about the "inch _ _ _ _?" [4]

5.beatles song "in an [9 letters] garden with you

6.tobacco advert in the 60's "that [6 letters] moment

7.caught by rowers out of sync [4] bird and supermarine jet aircraft [8]

9."little spanish _ _ _ _ " (music) [4]

10.mover of a rubber tree plant associated with dec [3]

11.question 10 slunk off to get married [8]


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4. worm
5. octopus
10. ant
11. antelope
7 marchof the "siamese" children in "the king and i"
Flamingos were used as croquet mallets in Alice in Wonderland.  Off-hand I can't recall croquet appearing in Wind in the Willows.

sorry siamese number 3
9 could be flea

2 Yellow Bird

6 Condor

Should number 8 be 5 letters, 'cos Swift fits.
7 = crab
and the missing one, number 8, is swift
Flamingo used in croquet in Alice in wonderland or Through the Looking Glass

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the answers are birds,animals or sea creatures

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