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jakeydoodles | 20:24 Sun 05th May 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I really can't do cryptic. All answers are acting related and I only have the first letter of each answer. All help appreciated.

1) Actress arranging open air hols. (6, 5) S

2) If not, relative's lost heart on boat. (6) U

3) Flavour from vehicle - one upset everybody. (7) V

4) Ancient Peruvians to make safe, out east (5) I


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1 Sophia Loren (anagram)
1 Sophia LOren
1 Sophia Loren (anag of 'open air hols')
sophia loren (anagram of open air hols)
2 Unless - Un(c)le +SS
3, Vanilla
3 van-ill-A
3 Van -i-lla
You don't actually have to enter any of the puzzles in Compers News. Using the Answerbank to get answers is cheating.
You've asked every clue. I think you are pathetic to want to win a £5 shopping voucher so much.
You've given the answers to everyone who uses google to find their own answers without cheating because by searching for a single phrase we are directed to you and if you win enjoy as much as everyone else has enjoyed all the puzzles.

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