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bloater | 21:00 Fri 03rd May 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answers are all things you would see or do at the zoo.

Can anyone help with these last few please?

40. Is this a delicious dessert? It certainly sounds like it!

59. This creature has a row of spines on its back and a third "eye" on its head

65. In denial without me for this one

73. Is feline stuck up it, or at the end of it?

78. I need partner to find ground fastener

99. Feathered shuttlecock, a tool for badminton!

Thanks in advance


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40: moose?
40, Moose
59 Iguana
99. cockatoo
99. Cockatoo (Its in the script)
73 polecat
78. Terrapin

"I" + partner as an anagram

and ground = terra and fastener = pin

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