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Anngel | 16:56 Fri 03rd May 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hello all, just a few left out of this quite difficult quiz. For two of them I have an answer but am unsure:
4. There is no point in taking ma out of the machine. I have chin...but don't know why the e is removed.
14. Possibly an organ or a piece. I have orbit. or + bit (which is a piece)

I then have four more which have me stumped:
10. Do a turn when the theatre wings have disappeared
22. Evil America (ending in US or USA maybe)
29. Take an exam between one and nine
33 Peel and hang around.

Before you ask, no there are no numbers of letters. The prize money is £5 so why am I bothering.....or why you should...I don't know. It just annoys me when they beat me. So. Over to the clever clogs on here. Thank you all in anticipation.


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Avatar Image,_Politics_and_Economics ppe within 'and ix' but it does not quite conform to the clue hence ?
17:32 Fri 03rd May 2013
4) because east = E is a point of the compass, so no point means no E
1) HEART = anagram of (t)heatr(e) - wings refers to the outside letters
22 sinus
22) sinus ?
Question Author
Thanks Bibble, you know, I had an anagram of theatre without the outside letters, but couldn't see heart, what a numty. Point _compass to remember on the cryptics. Thanks to you and mall for sinus....only three to go now.
29 a ppe ndix ?
10 heart take wings off theatre te leaves anagram of heart
sorry bibblebub missed your answer
sorry mallyh, I typo'ed the clue number
Question Author
oldred that is an interesting answer. How did you come by this?,_Politics_and_Economics

ppe within 'and ix' but it does not quite conform to the clue hence ?
Question Author
Ah I see. Yes, that makes good sense to me. I think the between evens out a-nd, with ppe and ix. Well done, and thank you.
could 33 be just skin? mine certainly hangs around lol
Question Author
mallh. That makes sense. It does hang around the body, and peels after sunstroke.
Question Author
Thank you to everyone. As appendix was probably the trickiest I have Best Answered that one. However, you are all awesome!!!
29 in test ine

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