The Km Links Game - February 2013 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 02:03 Mon 18th Feb 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning all - hot, humid and sticky .... if anyone wants it, please take it away, free, we're doing all we can to get rid of it !!! This isn't what Summer's supposed to be ... roll on Autumn

And what happened with the links - well no avalanche, as you'll see -

Patron Saint - 27
Step Ladder - 4
Freeze Frame - 2
Brain Power - 1

So the STAR TURN comes from MIDDLESTUMP - the only selector for Brain Power ... though he also selected Patron Saint so added 3 points to his tally

Several others added three for their two correct matches but all in all a quieter week

Must at this point make note of the fact that at least two of our players changed their usernames in the recent amnesty - just as well the avatars didn't change which give gen2 and myself a fighting chance at least, talk about keeping us on our toes !!

Next weekend is the final one for Feb. so best feet forward for a good wind-up and I'll see you all then, skz


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14 points - jillywiskas & gen2

12 points - Aquagility, Gill G & angler57

10 points - owllady, tyrepill, sadielady & cliffyg

9 points - JRB, Fibonacci, middlestump, Chiefpanda & lysander

8 points - seekeerz, patchett, Muzz & twix123

7 points - cupid04, baza, london-lassy, beejay1124, tearinghair, rockfordill, grannydi, cpfcrosie, sackville, 2unicorns, & nabob

A shorter list this week, the biggie will come at the end of the month, however Congratulations to all the points scorers and we welcomed back albaqwerty to the ranks, glad to see you back with us !! bye for now, Steff
Thank you seekz.
I never thought of the confusion of a name change for you and Gen2.
I'd be doing a Tearinghair thing :-D
It's nice to be back, and as usual, no matches :-)
Well done to the point scorers.
From the very early days we were advised not to refer to the original clue
in our guesses-this did not apply to step ladder!!
Is this the start of a new system by KM or just a one off?
A point at last. Patron Saint must have been looking after me.
Question Author
I don't think there are any rules for this - over time people would have noticed that the clue rarely showed up in the link, however .... it's Kate's ballpark, we just get to play in it and she can move the goal posts anytime she likes !!
[sorry, eccles]

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The Km Links Game - February 2013 Week 3 Results

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