Quiz For Rscds Dundee Branch All Answers Arenames Of Rscds Dances

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guilliebrougues | 10:49 Sat 16th Feb 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone please help me. I am looking for the answer to this question. There are no clues only the number of words required to answer this question
4. Words. Pseudonym for a king. I have tried Prince Charles of Edinbugh but he is not a king and I have tried the Duke of Perth but he is not a king. any help would be very much appreciated.


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all I can suggest now, is to look through this list of names for dances to see if any ring a bell with your question, I have looked, but a fresh pair of eyes might do the trick.
A bit iffy but - MacDonald of the Isles ??

Used to be known as Lord of the Isles - now one of Prince Charles' titles.
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F.O.A. Katburd. Thank you for your suggestion but I have looked through the scxotish country dancing dictionary and also the green book (dancers bible) and cannot find anything.
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F.A.O Ouzel. Thnk you for your help, but it has to be pseudonym for a king not a prince , duke or monarch.
I don't know dances, but is there one called Monarch of the glen?
Have you considered looking for the surname KING, rather than in its regal sense? E.g. Stephen King who wrote under the name Richard Bachman?
^^He also wrote under the name John Swithen. Are there any dances for St Swithen's Day?
another suggestion for you "The Young Pretender"
^^forget my suggestion it's only three words
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Thank you katburd, Ouzel,The Winner and Frugalfred, There is not a dance called Monarch of the Glen, nothing in the dictionary with the name king in it . No dances for St. Swithens day either. I shall have to keep on trying, the only thing is that this has to be in by 28t Feb. I wonder if anyone else doing this quiz has the same problem ?

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Quiz For Rscds Dundee Branch All Answers Arenames Of Rscds Dances

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