Mm And Km Links Feb 2013 Week [3]

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gen2 | 21:06 Fri 15th Feb 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am hard pressed for time this evening. We were supposed to be going to a production by the local Amateur Dramatics Society but too much to do. In fact, if I had, then you wouldn't be reading this now. (What did you say? You don't read this anyway? COOOO_EEE - We're here in the shrubbery and it is now open.)

Just in case anyone either stumbles across or wanders through the shrubbery this evening, I am posting the following reminders.

The KM Links Game is run from Australia by seekeerz and is based upon whatever Kate Mepham (KM) chooses to highlight in the Saturday GK crossword in the Daily Telegraph and linked to whatever she chooses in the Monday Herculis crossword. Your job is to pre-empt her and guess the links before midnight on Sunday. The game is launched in Q & P early on Saturday morning and you can play anytime over the weekend with an equal chance of scoring points.

The MM Links game is being set this month by kawakiri who for February, has been elevated to the status of 'Emperor Kawakiri'.
He will launch the game tomorrow morning in Q & P when the introduction will be posted at 8:45am with the challenge words following at 9am. You will have until 7pm on Sunday to guess those links but early play is advised because as each link is discovered, a bonus point remains available for just the following two minutes. That means that if a link is first correctly identified at 9:08, then anyone correctly guessing the same link up to 9:10 will also score a bonus point (2 in total) later guessers of the same link can only score single points.
Two additional bonus points are also on offer for anyone who can manage a full-house of 4 correct guesses and it has been a long time since that last happened. Could it be you this weekend?
Word length in the MM Links game is limited. They may only be from 4 to 8 letters in length. The resultant pairing must either be a new word or common 2-word phrase but will never be a person's name.

Whether you play just one or both games, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning in Q & P. New players are always welcome. Last week COTTACK joined us. Will it be you this weekend?

The shrubbery is now open for socialising. You will find the bar in the potting shed just behind the weedkillers and fungicides but don't get them mixed up because the last thing we want is a visit from Elfins Afety or Custom Sand Xiiiiiii. Be quick though, the 'Happy Hour' ends at 8pm

Until tomorrow morning then,
Happy Linking


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Still waiting for an MM point this month.
Gen2, you weren't by any chance in Stratford yesterday? I saw a car with a GenII registration.
Question Author
No tearinghair, GEN 11 is the registration of the 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car.

I don't waste my money on personalised number plates.
I don't waste my money - full stop.
I must be a true Scot then.
So, when passing through Kingdom of Fife, I shouldn't look out for the number plate:
T 1 GHT !
LOL Strix. Evening to anyone in the shrubbery.
Question Author
No Strix, just CAN 1 E
Hmmm. I don't know much about car models these days ('twas different in the days of the Triumph Herald, the Ford Anglia and the Standard Vanguard), but that was definitely not the Chitty etc car - just an ordinary one. Anyway, you were wise not to be in Stratford yesterday - it was really busy and there was nowhere to park. Heaven knows what it will be like next week at halfterm.
You can buy personalised number plates for any car, so maybe they were up for sale. Have you seen how much they cost!
If you are still around tearinghair, I know you love animals.
We very sadly had to have our golden labrador, Amber, put to sleep on Wednesday. She was only ill for a few days, but she had acute anaemia. It has been a long and traumatic week.
Meant to add...she was only 5.
I'm really sorry about that, Pauline. They leave such a hole in your life, don't they? I hope you have a few photos to remind you of her.

Lots! The whole family is devaststed. I think it was a shock more than anything at how quick it was, and so young.
It's dreadful at any age, but as you say when she was so young, and the illness so sudden, you don't have time to come to terms with it. But we can't let animals suffer, so at least there is a kind and caring solution. I bet the vet was upset too.
They were. She had been moved to a sick animal centre, and we had dealings with them before. The regular vets sent a card offering condolences today when they heard. I thought that was really thoughtful.

Hope you and your family are okay.
Well..I am going up the wooden hill in a bit. It's been a long week.

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Mm And Km Links Feb 2013 Week [3]

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