Mm And Km Links Feb 2013 Week [2]

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gen2 | 21:11 Fri 08th Feb 2013 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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KM Linkers had a bonanza of points last week: unlike the MM Links players who suffered a dearth of points. Can we reverse that this weekend?

Well, I have no control over Kate Mepham and 'Emperor Kawakiri' is law unto himself so you will just have to wait and see.

The KM Game is run from Australia by seekeerz and is based upon whatever Kate Mepham (KM) chooses to highlight in the Saturday GK crossword in the Daily Telegraph and linked to whatever she chooses in the Monday Herculis crossword. Your job is to pre-empt her and guess the links before midnight on Sunday. The game is launched in Q & P early on Saturday morning and you can play anytime over the weekend with an equal chance of scoring points.

The MM Game is being set this month by kawakiri who for the duration of February, has been elevated to the status of 'Emperor Kawakiri'.
He will launch the game tomorrow morning in Q & P when the introduction will be posted at 8:45am with the challenge words following at 9am. You will have until 7pm on Sunday to guess those links but early play is advised because as each link is discovered, a bonus point remains available for just the following two minutes. That means that if a link is first correctly identified at 9:08, then anyone correctly guessing the same link up to 9:10 will also score a bonus point (2 in total) later guessers of the same link can only score single points.
Two additional bonus points are also on offer for anyone who can manage a full-house of 4 correct guesses and it has been a long time since that last happened.
Word-length in the MM Links game is limited. They may only be from 4 to 8 letters in length. The resultant pairing must either be a new word or common 2-word phrase but will never be a person's name.

Whether you play just one or both games, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. New players are always welcome.

The shrubbery is open just now for socialising but please don't hand around in an inebriated state after hours because the forecast is for snow tomorrow and there is no night-watchman to take care of you.

Until tomorrow morning then,
Happy Linking


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Evening anyone daft enough to be out in the cold!
Evening all. I'm staying indoors for now (well, at least until the doctors say I can imbibe alcohol again!!).
Have you been ill twix?

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Mm And Km Links Feb 2013 Week [2]

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