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gem_mother | 01:14 Sun 26th Jun 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Every Saturday people ask for help with the Daily Telegraph's general knowledge crossword.  I bought the Telegraph today and I can't find the crossword!  There's a cryptic one and a small, "quick" one but no general knowledge one that contains any of the clues people have asked about today.  Could someone tell me which of the sections it's in and a page number if possible?  Many thanks.


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its in the weekend section, on the inside back page :-)
page 17
The general knowledge crossword is in the "Weekend" section of the Telegraph.Page 17.
The shaded solutions form half of a well known phrase or saying. These link with the Herculis crossword in Mondays GK crossword.
You cant look through a newspaper and find a crossword?

It's the bit with the little black squares and the little white squares.
Don't be so pedantic.This person may never have read the Telegraph before.Give them a chance.We all have start somewhere.
not a nice person kev :-(
Question Author

Thanks for your kind words Kev!  It's people like you that make Answerbank worthwhile.

There is no "Weekend" section in my paper!  No wonder I couldn't find the crossword. It didn't seem like a lot of newspaper for �1.20 - now I know why! 

Hilary and Shaneystar - many thanks for your help and lack of sarcasm.

you paid �1.20??
We poay �1.50 for 7 days a week! you take out a subscription. We used to subscribe but I'm sure even then it was more than �1.50.per week.
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I've just double-checked the price on the cover and it was definitely �1.20.  Perhaps they do a shorter, cheaper version without a prize crossword!!!
Make sure you check next time you buy it that all the sections are there.I have had this before ,where I have got home and found I only had half a newspaper.Perhaps your newsagent may still have some unsold copies from yesterday and you may still be able to get the Weekend section.
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Now I know what should be in I'll be more careful in future! 
Hi gem_mother, good luck, you know your weekends will never be the same again! And I'm sure kev100 was just stuck with a hard one and didn't mean to be like that. This is my first time on here, bin doin' this crossword for years but just lost it and googled up here.
inside of back page of weekend section good luck
Inside back page of the Weekend section.  Enjoy.

Okay Goofy, spill the beans. Where do you get the vouchers to get a weeks' supply of the DTs? I've had the one from the, sorry, the Daily Mail, but I would point out it was just for my wife.


It is in the Weekend section last page but one.
Its in the Weekend supplement and it is tough this week

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