Answers wanted without a question

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gen2 | 22:48 Sat 25th Jun 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Why are so many people expecting answers tonight without posting the questions?  twiglet3, benchboy and lloyd1e have all just quoted clue numbers.
Come on folks, do yourselves a favour.  You'll get more answers if we know what we have to work out.


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gen2 since neither you nor I buy the Daily Telegraph we are not deemed to be clever enough to work out the answers anyway.


  Hi Gen2,

   Sorry about that , comments noted.


I'm sure gen2 buys the Telegraph.He or she always gives the correct answers.
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Yes shaneystar you've sussed me out.  I do get the DT most days, but for the whole family. The night, I was ensconced in ma wee howff in ma attic plooterin' aboot on ma cumpooter an' yon pepper were doon in ma front room.

Once I'd got affa my backside and doon they stairs I went a' the way tae the local for some liquid refreshment.

See yous a' the morn.

Well gen 2....Thaas bootiful bor ,as we say here in Naarfolk!!

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Answers wanted without a question

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