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debbond | 14:46 Fri 24th Jun 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am trying again with this question, it's driving me mad. It's a cryptic clue for a pop/rock artist or group. Some of the completed ones are......

Snog = Kiss

Queen of slimming world = Thin Lizzie

Merlin = Wizzard

Cove town skates = Bay city rollers

Cream cake father = Puff Daddy

Plasters = Band aid

There are 50 altogether and they are all well known groups or artists and the answer is obvious (when you know it!)

No other clues i am afraid

The one i cannot get is New China

I would be extremely grateful for any help

Deb XX


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Big Country ??

I don't know why it should be "new" though

This is driving me up the wall.!
Could it be The Platters.
Will someone please answer this correctly? it's driving me nuts now too!
ooops forgot, i like these kinda quizzes debbond, any chance you could post me the entire quiz with answers? pretty please with a chewrry on top?
I don't know if this is any help, but have you considered that china is Cockney rhyming slag for a mate? (china plate = mate). So what we are looking for is a new mate.  I cannot come up with a group/artist but maybe you can?

I think the answer is ...

Republica (Republic A = first republic = new China?)

Question Author

I did think of Republica but it doesn't quite seem to fit ?. I will probably use republica if i cannot come up with a better answer.

The quiz is not on computer it is just a printed sheet but i could probably scan it and e-mail it if i knew the address to send it?

Thanks to everyone for trying anyway

Deb XX


As posted  earlier the answers surely " Chain".

The use of the word new indicates an anagram.

Question Author

I think chain is just too obscure, all the rest are well known and the questions "suggest the answer", no anagrams.

But thanks for trying (again)


Its taken me 5days to regester,and it's probablywrong,but here goes.

Before Chia was new it was ruled by an emporer,same as Japan.

When the Communist Party took over it became known as "Red China"

Is the answer Simply Red !

On the same line of thought, how about Red Dawn (Hip Hop Band)
Question Author

Simply Red is already in the quiz (uncomplicated primary colour) and i think Red Dawn is just too obscure, all the rest are well known.

But thanks again for trying, i thought everyone had given up? I was about to give up myself but now i have re-newed hope!

Deb (still going mad) XX

shiney little people ??? think that's a title of a song though
deb, if you managed to get the quizz scanned can i have a copy [email protected] thank-you

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