Festive Dingbats

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granny grump | 23:01 Fri 28th Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can you help with these Christmas dingbats

13. Yesterday: Singing
Today : Acting
Tomorrow : Dancing (this line is underlined)

15. Dulce
Red Lion
Jonathan Sachs




23. Charles top LH corner with Speech bubble (I've got poltergeists)
Banquo bottom LH corner with 2 speech bubbles (Is there a discount for buying in bulk) & (You're on!) Casper BR corner speech bubble (Go on then buy two and you can have the third free)

24. Outside circle Good King Wenceslas inner circle Adeste Fideles (all in bold) and inside the two circled Fir - not in bold

IT'S COMING R N PEACE (in a speech
CHRISTMAS E D bubble with
E E musical
S E notes)

41. Me in the top LH corner with a speech bubble 'well I'd say it's a time of loving and giving; a season of joy and peace' and a large black arrow pointing to the speech bubble


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13 Tomorrow shall be my dancing day (traditional carol)
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Thank you methyl & beckersjay. I'd never heard of that carol until now beckersjay
37 looks like the lyrics of "River" by Joni Mitchell See:
Question Author
Thank you all just left with 24 and 41
No 24 - I think it's "carols around the tree".

I'm stuck on the same as you, but also No.42 - the letters SLE in a circle around the letter T in black.
rinkleez - 42. Tinsel - T in sel.
I am stuck with with 26,35,38,41.
Many thanks Missboots. I've got The Snowman for no 26, and Christmas Party foro.38 - Plaid Cyrmru being the Welsh political party - with no L in Plaid.

No. 35 is driving me mad, as is No. 41.
Many thanks for your help rinklees!
Sorry- I mean rinkleez!
Just realised I don't have the one with the pup inside the word Sefridges (no L, I've noticed) and the words - "I'm so lonely". I'm convinced it's a Hoime Alone film, but no luck so far.
^Lonely pup (in a Christmas shop) - no L = noel
23 Dickens' "The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain"

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Festive Dingbats

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