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PuzzledPedro | 15:22 Fri 28th Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Christmas is over, the last of the turkey has been curried and you are getting bored playing with all the new toys. What you need is a new quiz to keep the brain working ready for the New Year, so here it is our new Songs Britannia Quiz

First Prize £50.00
Second Prize £25.00
Third Prize £10.00
Three Lucky Dip Prizes - £5.00
Entry Fee £1.00
All profits to Lions Charity Account - Helping people in the local community

The quiz contains the first "letters" of the titles and artists of 90 songs. Somewhere in either the name of the song or the artist you will find a place in the British Isles (and yes that does include both parts of Ireland in this quiz). Sometimes it might be just a road or it could be a whole country or anything in between. There are a few rivers and even a fictional place just to keep you on your toes. It proved harder than expected to find enough songs and whilst all the answers made it in to the charts, some only just crept in and the one we would have really like to have included never made it so we will just have to use it as the example - BD by IDATB - Billericay Dickie by Ian Drury and The Blockheads

Copies of the quiz can be downloaded from and you can send your fee with your completed entry, or if you still want the thrill of receiving a paper copy in the post they can still be requested by sending a stamped, addressed envelope and entry fee to :-

The Isle of Britain, Lions Club of Billericay(AB)
C/o The Loft, Crown Yard,
High Street, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9BX

NOTE - NEW Postal Address (The old PO Box will be closed down soon)

(Cheques \Postal Orders should be made payable to Lions Club of Billericay).

The closing date is Monday 4th March 2013
Marked answer sheets will be returned on request after closing date.


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Fabulous quiz again Pedro.
Question Author
Glad you like it.
Yes, I agree, up to your usual standard. Thanks.
Must send for this one,PuzzledPedro. Sounds interesting though I'm not very good at musical quizzes. Not very good at posting them either. Discovered two quizzes I had forgotten to send off in time.Must make a New Year's Resolution to get more organised.
Great quiz pedro. Have nearly finished. Been neglecting all other quizzes it is so addictive!
Does anyone know where I can see a copy of the Guiness Book of Records, used for the Billericay Lions quiz. None of my local libraries have it, and I have even been to Lincoln Central Library, and they dont have it, and are unwilling to get it. Can anyone recommend any websites to find those last elusive answers?
hm I find this site helpful...
Well I am well out of touch with music (I only remember the crooners of 'way back when you could understand them') but this is a lovely quiz, and I keep picking it up when I should be doing a more current quiz. Naughty Pedro !!!!!
Question Author
The website Mamyalynne mentions should give you most of the answers but I have not checked them and have found some difference between this site and Guinness in the past and the Virgin book may offer a third version in some cases. I have seen one single listed with three different titles on the website and the two books.

I know the feeling Julia-mag, I am spending far too much time on a quiz about pub names that doesn't close until June when I have several quizzes that finish later this month that are still incomplete.
I got my copy off ebay HM37551

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New Quiz - Billericay Lions - Songs Britannia

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