Help Required With Local Christmas Quiz

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Midnighter | 10:11 Sat 15th Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I've been working my way through a local Christmas quiz for the last few days but am stuck with a few:

1. Wish, exactly one month before Christmas, this year. (4,2,6)
2. She insists on 'joke' gifts at Christmas. (3,5)
3. Nobody loves him when he's forty. (1,5)
4. The Wise Men passed these, following the star...? (5,8,4,8)

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


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1 Something about advent?
3. A Fairy?
3. A Fairy (Dockyard Doris)
4. field, fountain, moor, mountain
excellent answer gazzawazza!
Thank you!
I would never have got the fairy by the way.
I wonder if they all have something to do with song lyrics?
Question Author
Thanks everyone. The only one I'm still stuck on is the first one. Like Tilly2 I'm wondering if it's ???? of advent.
1. Could be Stir up Sunday - wish when stirring Xmas pud, and Stir up Sunday is 4 weeks beforee Xmas
Question Author
That sounds like it could be right. The only one's I'm stuck on are 'She insists on joke gifts at christmas', and 'A fictional character to help deliver our greetings.' which I've seen answered as Bob Cratchit but don't see how it fits the clue.
2 - The Queen
Fictional character, Tiny Tim, or Tim Cratchit
'Merry Christmas, to one and all.' (or something like that)

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Help Required With Local Christmas Quiz

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