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17071948 | 20:17 Sat 08th Dec 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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One more section answer question then find the link.
These are my answers.
2.The Dandy.
3.The usual Suspects.
4.It's my party.
9.Ben Nevis.
Hope you can help l think the answer may be names of flowers?
Thank you for any help given


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I don't know what the questions are, but a lot of your answers bear similarities to grand national winners.

1 USMA / ? West Tip (West Point) 1986
2 The Dandy / Hallo Dandy 1984
3 The usual Suspects / Last Suspect 1985
4 It's my party / Party Politics 1992
5 China / ?
6 Sun / Sundew 1957
7 Escargot / L'Escargot 1975
8 Papillon / Papillon 2000
9 Ben Nevis / Ben Nevis 1980
10 Rum / Red Rum 1973, 1974 & 1977

DOes this make any sense?
Question Author
yes kettledrum I had 10 questions to answer.Then find a link to all answers.
So Thank You for the link

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