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Cate_gory | 21:08 Tue 20th Nov 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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PleaseI am stuck on a few of these.

3b,A little one to make you feel the pinch!(6).to rhyme with plough.
7a,A3-tortilla-A4(8 & 5)
7bTo come to a point(5)
11b,Plutonic ,igneous rock(7)rhymes with planet
12aFlushed state almost6)
12bEmotionally charged and vigorously energetic (6)
13a,Travel with Dido back to borders of Estonia-excellent suggestion(4,4)
13b,A cure all (7)

16a,U.S. film director/producer (7,9)
16b,Horse colour or rabbit(8)

Please if anyone can he me wit these last few I would be grateful


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11d) granite
11d granite?

I don't get this!
Can you give an example?
13a GOOD IDEA (go-odid-ea)
12 florid & torrid
7a) ... paper
7b) taper
16) Quentin Tarantino & palamino
7a) wrapping paper ?
3b NIPPER (maybe plough is wrong)
3b) Calibax suggested that it could be nipper if it's dipper rather than plough

so does 3a happen to be about a constellation?
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For 3a try Big Dipper it is a group of 7 stars.
Do you have 18a Needlessly time consuming procedure (3,4)
18b Form of sailing vessel--Neat (9)
red tape / shipshape
Oh, now I get it. Now that I've read it properly and there are some answers,
Question Author
what can I say! just a very sincere thankyou to you all for all your help.

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