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E.R. | 21:00 Tue 09th Oct 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Has anyone other than me become disenchanted with the GK Sat. crossword??

For quite some time now it seems to be more or less the same type of question. To me its become a weekly quiz on unheard of authors, films, TV with an odd other subject thrown in. To me there's very little variety or enjoyment any more.

Saturdays I used to look forward to settling down to the xword, now I often abandon it in disgust and total frustration.

When Michael died so suddenly I was totally gutted. Kate bravely carried on for a while but I don't know what has happened recently but to me "Things aint what the used to be"!!!!!

Does anyone know of a similar but more interesting


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I can't help as I'm only interested in the cryptic crossowrds, but I see you've had no responses so I'll reply on it so it reappears on the Latest Posts list. If that doesn't work you could try posting in the Crosswords section for a better response
Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. If you like General Knowledge crosswords can I recommend the Independent on Saturday. Which has a Jumbo GK inside the back page - and there is a little extra quiz with it.

There is a food GK in the FT as well. And don't forget the Generalist xword which you can download from the Prospect Magazine website. V difficult but you get a month to do it.

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DT. Sat.GK. Crossword

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