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tearinghair | 08:45 Sat 06th Oct 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is “Lady Jill”, dusting off the tiara awarded by crofter three years ago, and attempting to bamboozle you all this month.

The Virginia creeper in the garden is a riot of autumnal colour, and reminds me of October last year when I was in a very different place, visiting our son and his family who live in California. We spent several days in Yosemite National Park, staying in a log cabin in the Redwoods. I can honestly say that it’s the only place I’ve been to where I could have lived for ever. Waterfalls and rocky streams, breath-taking views of the Sierra Nevada, driving along winding mountain roads that never seemed to end through forests of giant sequoia…unforgettable. Even the notices warning drivers not to leave car windows down, as bears have been known to search for food inside, only added to the enchantment. All this spectacular beauty, yet the highlight of the trip for our two grandsons was finding a (very tiny) snake under a rock!


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Cabin CREW
haha gen--i know what you were thinking my old ****sparrow
Good morning everyone. I'll go with :

CABIN fever
grizzly BEAR
morning - beejay, put it all in one word, that should be OK :-)

CABIN crew
ROCK badger
teddy BEAR
Beejay, don´t know about Gen2, but I´m confused - does your entry sound like Spock or sound like Becker? Star Trek or Tennis?
Good Morning

Cabin Cruiser
Rock Salmon
Wood Louse
Polar Bear
Cabin Cruiser
Rock Garden
Wood Burner
Black Bear
Cabin fever
Rock festival
Wood mouse
Bear skin
cabin CREW
Cabin Cruiser
Brighton Rock
Good Wood
Polar Bear
cabin cruiser

rock solid

wood grouse

bear fruit
Morning all. Mine are :-

Cabin Fever
Rock Fall
Wood Burner
Brown Bear

Mr Alba's are:-

Cabin Crew
Rock Hard
Hard Wood
Great Bear
cabin CREW
wood COCK
POLAR bear
Thank's Baza - that confirms that BJ's entry was the yaffle option.
CABIN fever
ROCK pool
WOOD pigeon
teddy BEAR
Good luck all
Cabin fever
Rock crystal
Wood wind
Great Bear
Cabin crew
Rock star
Wood work
bear with
Hi there Lady Jill. Greetings from sunny Spain,time and dates mean nothing when on holiday so I am very late today.
cabin FEVER
BLACK bear
My latest entry time ever resulting from a morning with cliffyg at an indoor cricket session. They last until early April, with a break for Christmas and New year. With no need to chan ge words and no chance of double points, I will plump for
LOG Cabin
Wood ***
My WOOD selection has 6 more letters not 4 (for Gen 2 to note).

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MM Links October 2012 Week 1

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