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toonmilo | 16:39 Tue 31st May 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Running a competition at work, i am stuck on the following:-

1.Mum, dad and 2 kids have come to a river and find a boat it is small and can carry only 1 adult or 2 kids at a time. Both kids are good rowers but how can the whole famil reach the other side of the river?

2. Why cant you take a picture of an indian woman with curlers?

3. What is the largest possible number you can write using only only 2 digits (2 digits nothing else)?

4. Because cigars cannot be entirely smoked, a hobo who collects cigar butts can make a cigar to smoke out of every 5 butts he finds. Today he has collected 25 cigar butts, how many cigars will he be able to smoke?

5. Jenn is facetious, she is also abstemious, she gets pneumonia. Given those clues, whats the only american tree she will like?

6. How many birthdays does the average man have?

7. 2 planes take off at the exact same moment. They are flying across the atlantic, one leaves New York and is flying to paris at 500 mph, the other leave paris and is flying to new york at 450 mph (because of a strong head wind) Which one will be closer to Paris when they meet?

8. Why are 1898 silver dollars worth more than 1897 silver dollars?

9.In your sock drawer you have a ratio of 5 pairs of blue socks, 4 pairs of brown socks and 6 pairs of black socks. In complete darkness, how many socks would you need to pull out to get a matching pair of the same colour?


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I'm guessing the answer to question 2 is because you need a camera, not curlers. Question 4 is harder. You can make 6. 5 from the 25 he found, and 1 from the butts of the 5 he made earlier. Question 9 is 4 socks. As there are only 3 colours, pulling out 4 will give you at least one pair.

2. You can't take a picture of anything with curlers, you need a camera.

5, Sequoia (uses all the vowels)

6 One, why how many do you have?

9, 4

Syncronicity apex 204!

1.  Two children go across, one comes back.

     Adult goes across, child comes back.

     Children both go across again, one comes back

     Other adult goes across, child comes back.

     Both children go across.


3.  9 to the power of 9 is pretty big.  In mathematical notation it is 9 superscript 9, so only uses two numbers.


7.  In order to meet, they must be the same place at the same time, so both are the same distance from Paris.


8.  1898 is the year, and if these dollars are rarer they will be more valuable.

2 children row across.

1 child rows back and stays on the bank

adult rows across, and the child who was left from the first trip brings the boat back.

Both children then row across again, leaving one of them on the bank.

Oher child rows  back, get out, adult gets in and rows to other side.

Child then brings boat back, picks up the other child and rows back.  That the whole family on the other bank


Derek Hiden

Q8 1,898 dollars is one dollar more than 1,897 so its value is worth one more dollar!
Q8. 1,898 dollars is one more dollar than 1,897 dollars.
6) one birthday (as do we all)
8. Am I missing something?  Or is it perhaps because 1898 is a bigger number than 1897?
Judging by question 2, I would have thought that the answer to question 1 would be `they take the footbridge'

For question 8 i'm not sure which way the trick question works.


The question is referring to the year that the coins were produced and trying to make you think that it is actually the number of coins.


The question is referring to the number of coins there are and trying to make you think that is it actually the year that they were produced.

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