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Elspeth | 13:58 Tue 26th Jun 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Having heard about Marina's site being forced to close down (rather spitefully I thought) I was wondering if there is anything we as a large group can do to help to reverse the decision? I cannot see how competition magazines felt threatened by a site providing answers for those who maybe don't have the time to complete certain competitions. In fact I myself will no longer buy Take a Break for that reason, so sales could go down. Does anyone have any ideas, or should we just mind our own business?


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I think it was possible to enter these magazine competitions on line without even buying the mags so I think they have a point.
who's Marina?
Yes, I used to do it every week. Hardly fair to the magazines. I got bored with it after a while and gave up, mainly because I didn't win anything.
Boxtops - as I recall the site I used to use gave all the answers to competitions in some magazines. I think it was probably Bella, Chat and a few others that specialise in competitions. Can't remember for sure - some yeas ago. Then you could go straight on to the magazine's sites and enter the comps without ever even seeing the magazine. No charges either way. Good for the punter but not for the magazine.
Hi Elspeth, It's Mike, Marina's husband here.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their comments here and on other sites; it is really quite lovely to see so much support. We never really knew how many people visited our site but it was obviously lots more than we ever realised.

With regards to your comment about getting the decision reversed, this will not be possible due to the fact that we had to agree to certain provisos in writing to the publisher' lawyers. This included the removal of our competition site and a guarantee that we would never run such a site again or a forum or mailing list containing the answers. If we contravene these actions we are opening ourselves up to a fine of several thousand pounds.

So, although we were quite chuffed regarding your suggestion, we feel it is best to call it a day.

Wish you and everyone who commented all the best in your comping endeavours.

Thanks again

Michael & Marina
Other sites give answers for crosswords so think this unfair to you.
I agree with Elspeth, it was a great site just to check answers, I have cancelled 4 of the mags I used to buy because of their actions. If they want people to buy their magazines why do their T&C state "No purchase Nexessary"?
I mean "Necessary"? lol

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