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ladyalex | 19:00 Sat 09th Jun 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The Club is now Open

Welcome , one and all to the Mad over Fifties Club where Members are expected, nay encouraged, to be Mad and Over Fifty.
Anyone seeking membership who has not yet attained fifty earth years will be considered eligible by virtue of their wishing to join such a club.
Anyone not mad and seeking membership should reconsider.

The night is still nippy for the time of year, so gather close to the fire and let the festivities commence.

The topic for tonight's Speaker is 'Weather...whither ?' .
He has not yet arrived, but we have received a message from him saying that as soon as he can find his waders, oilskins and umbrella, he will be along directly.

Prizes so far for tonight's raffle include:

A bottle of sun screen (unused)
A sun hat (new)
2 yards of deckchair canvas (pristine)


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thank you LiK. off to gloucestershire.
Well, then folks, time to go saddle up Spot and head off into the night - I do hope that he remembers to turn right at Albuquerque on the way back.
So a good night to all still present and until we reconvene a sennight from now I bid you all safe journey home.
Can I take Matron down in the cellar?
Good night, miss nungate - safe journey :-)
Big Mac thank you for the kind offer but it is written into our contract in indelible ink that the task is ours, arduous and thirsty work too.

Good night all xxx

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Mad over Fifties Club

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