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AB Editor | 09:32 Fri 01st Jun 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Dear All,

Here is the June edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up, perfect activity for those lazy afternoons in the sun.

If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread. Please remember to add the theme of the quiz, the address and a closing date, thanks.

Happy Quizzing!!

1. New Children of Fiji quiz 70 questions in aid of children of Fiji, closing date 16th June.

2. Colours quiz 50 questions in aid of Friends Of Blessed Sacrament School (Preston)(Charity No. XT26395), closing date 18th June.

3. The Natural World Quiz 50 questions in aid of East Anglian Air Ambulance, closing date 22nd June.

4. New Quiz questions and answers all have something to do with Guiding or Scouting, fundraising for Everest Sub Camp, closing date 23rd June.

5. Twosomes Quiz 25 questions, answers are real or fictional twosomes, fundraising for St Columba's Church, closing date 23rd June.

6. A Journey by Car Quiz fill in the blanks, for Macmillan, closing date 23rd June.

7. London Quiz songs and film titles with a London landmark theme in aid of Camps Hill Stars, closing date 30th June.

8. New Quiz mainly pictoral quiz in aid of The Village Hall at Heage, closing date 30th June.

9. New Quiz 60 questions Cryptic/General Knowledge/Anagrams of place names in British Isles containing a boy’s name, aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, please use the correct PayPal link, closing date 30th June.

10. Picture Quiz 48 pictures to identify and 12 connections, aid of the Cinnamon Trust, closing date 30th June.

11. New Quiz 50 questions about items of clothing, aid of MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE, closing date 30th June.

12. New Quiz geography general knowledge quiz in aid of Cancer Research UK, closing date 1st July.

13. SPR-ING quiz 60 questions containing letters SPR and ING, aid of the Manselton Childminding Playgroup, closing date 2nd July.

14. N People Quiz All the clues lead to people whose surname begins with "N", for Lincoln Cat Care, closing date 9th July.

15. Diamond Jubilee Quiz general knowledge quiz, not sure who this is for though please let us know if you find out, closing date 9th July.

16. New Quiz 50 questions for Parkinsons UK (Kendal Branch), closing date 12th July.

17. Royal Connections Quiz for Rhodes Minnis Methodist church, closing date 14th July.


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And here is the rest:

17. Royal Connections Quiz for Rhodes Minnis Methodist church, closing date 14th July.

18. Big Quiz 100 general knowledge questions for St Mary's Blackpool Hall Fund, closing date 16th July.

19. Coast to Coast Quiz 40 clues to coastal locations around Great Britain in aid of St. Guthlac's Ladies' Guild, closing date 21st July.

20. Blooming Marvellous Quiz in aid of Dean Gibson School, closing date 28th July.

21. Silver Screen Quiz fundraising for Billericay Lions, closing date 28th July.

22. Sole Music Quiz fundraising for Deeping Lions Club, closing date 28th July.

23. New Quiz 100 varied questions, fundraising for Sibsey Bowls Club, closing date 31st July.

24. GOLD THEME quiz 70 questions with a GOLD connection in the question or the answer in aid of Lincolnshire Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group. Registered Charity No. 1038320, closing date 31st August.

25. Picture Quiz 72 celebrities to identify in aid of Great Ryburgh Playing Field, closing date 31st August.

26. Flora and Fauna Quiz in aid of Coeliac UK, closing date 31st August.

27. New Family Quiz mix of cryptic and factual questions, in aid of Gunnislake (Cornwall) Festival, closing date 31st August.

28. Countries quiz 50 questions, in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association. Reg Charity No. 294354, closing date 31st August.

29. Who Am I? Picture quiz 180 clues to famous faces in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Fakenham Group), closing date 1st September.

30. Brain of Monty quiz answers all have MONT in them for restoration projects on the Montgomery Canal. No specific closing date mentioned but winners to be announced on 2nd September so get them in before then.

31. Kings and Queens Quiz. All proceeds to Rainbow Africa projects in Zambia, and The Leprosy Mission work in Mozambique, closing date 15th September.

32. TYKES TEASER QUIZ general knowledge quiz about Yorkshire in aid of Snainton Bowling Club, closing date 30th September.

33. New quiz 100 anagrams of british television programmes, in aid of st ives (cambs) christmas lights committee corrections here, closing date 31st October.

34. FOOD QUIZ 36 questions, for Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (Upper Thames), no closing date posted as yet sorry.
Question Author
Guess the name of the novel (or work of fiction) from its first/opening line.


Free, for fun.
I entered my quiz in a post on the answer bank nearly at the end of May, - the quiz round up for May had already been done, so it was not mentioned in there - but I note that it is not mentioned for June round up either. It does not close until mid September though.

It is Kings, Queens and Nicknames, can you put it in the round up please
Thank you
Oh sorry me again, I could not see it just now, but once I had sent my post, it has now come up at position 31.
many apologies
Blame it on the Weatherman Quiz.
In aid of Ryedale and Scarborough Cat Welfare.60 songs with a weather connection.Closing date 14th August.
Available from Polly,29,Elm Grove Sherburn,Malton N.Yorks Y017 8PF
or by e-mail - [email protected]
Celebrate 2012 fun quiz
Test your skills - Olympics, Jubilee and more

Help Thera Trust to help people with a learning disability to live a normal life

This fun quiz has 40 questions. The prize is £20.
Cost £1. Closing date 28th July 2012.
Please send payment and SSAE to:
Sharon Shortland, Laurel House, Old Main Road, Fleet Hargate, PE12 8LH
New Quiz for Macmillan Cancer Support it is called " Nicknames." the quiz is 50p each. Please send s.a.e. to Jeanette Gibson, 7. Cairns Park, New Alyth, Perthshire. PH11 8PA. Closing date 16th August 2012.
Blame It On The Weatherman Corrections

2 corrections have been pointed out to me.
Number 27. Should be AHRGF by BF
Number 31. Should be CIOOTR not COIOOTR
Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.
12:48 Thu 07th Jun 2012

Polly 1958
The Summer Quiz for Macmillan Cancer Support is available both by online donation at and by post from
'The Summer Quiz'
c/o The King's Head
19 Maiden Lane
Lincolnshire PE9 2AZ
by sending SAE (large enough to hold a folded A3 sheet) and cheque payable to 'Macmillan Cancer Support' for at least £2.

Copies bought online will be sent out from midday on Sunday 10th June. When donating online using, please remember to tick the box to allow me to see your email address, otherwise I can't send you your copy of the quiz!

Copies bought by post will be sent out from Monday 18th June.
If donating by post, you might like to include a completed gift-aid form which can be downloaded from http://www.macmillan..../GiftAid/GiftAid.aspx

Copies sent in the post are A3 size which many people prefer. Electronic copies sent to online donors can be printed out on any size of paper your printer can handle.

The quiz consists of cryptic clues to the names of 100 famous women from across history and from across the world.

There will be prizes of £50, £30, & £20 in John Lewis vouchers for the first three correct entries drawn at random after the closing date of 18 August 2012.

Users of this site are kindly requested neither to solicit nor to provide answers to this quiz, although the solicitation and provision of subtle hints from 12 August onwards would be acceptable. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who supports my quizzes, I hope you will all support and enjoy this one too.
Youre a brave man to say this
Users of this site are kindly requested neither to solicit nor to provide answers to this quiz, although the solicitation and provision of subtle hints from 12 August onwards would be acceptable. Thank you.
Someone will remind you it is a question and answer site and you shouldnt advertise it on here if you say that but I hope people do stick to your request
smouse, I said exactly the same thing last time, and nobody passed comment on it!
Incidently, it is explicitly within the rules of the site to make such requests and to have them respected.....
I agree with you fully so fingers crossed
whittlesey christmas lights disney quiz
We do have another quiz ready available by post or email as the
cost of stamps is so high. The new quiz is 100 questions based on the disney films old and new cost is still £1 per quiz.
If you would like the quiz by post or email
please send your payment and an email address or if you send an addressed envelope we will put the stamp on it to save on costs for you to
mrs r jolley,13 crescent close,whittlesey,nr peterborough,
coins or cheques payable to mrs r jolley.
the quiz is a disney quiz 100 questions.
in aid of whittlesey christmas lights.
many thanks for the support we receive it is amazing
closing date is 31st september 2012
1st prize is £25
2nd prize is £15
3rd prize is £10
My apologies if Im missing it but could you supply the email address please
I do apologise, please ignore the above, just read the post again - Barb
Summer Quiz for Macmillan Cancer Support

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far - I'm pleased to announce that the first correct entry has now been received! How many more will there be by the closing date of 18th August?
I think you need to make it clear you will mark them and tell them how many they have wrong so they can correct them and resubmit it. Strangest way of marking a quiz to me though
NEW QUIZ in aid of The RAP Foundation.
Name that Shop Quiz now available from:
Y. Lind
16 MacDiarmid Road

or by email:
[email protected]

Closing date 2nd September 2012.
Price 50p.
Any cheques should be made payable to The RAP Foundation.
Anyone who previously requested a copy by email will automatically receive one.

New Quiz

New quiz " What are they2" by Email pay on return from
[email protected]
price 50p
in aid of Friockheim Bowling Club
Closing Date 1st September 2012
22:59 Wed 13th Jun 2012
can i have the postal address please

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