Please can someone help me solve this puzzle as I am clueless and lost.

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Reddevil1976 | 19:58 Sat 12th May 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The puzzle is as follows and the solution is a set of co-ordinates like these:

N 53° 23.759' W 002° 22.517'


It was Sol’s bedtime and as he was finishing his cup of cocoa he said “Tell me a story Granddad, but not that one where a serpent ate ten swordfish. My friend says that the one where a virgin was kidnapped by an eagle is a good one.” A rather startled granddad said “ That’s not for your tender young ears my lad. But have you heard about a battle a long time ago between two strange creatures? One was half man - half horse, the other was a horse with a big horn sticking out of his forehead.” He looked down at young Sol but he was already sound asleep.

We think it is something to do with Star Constellations but we are not sure.

Any help would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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Sorry I haven't got an answer but it certainly looks like there's a connection with constellations; serpent (Serpens), virgin (Virgo), eagle (Aquila) Centaur (Centaurus or Sagittarius) Unicorn (Monoceros).
Also Sol's bedtime would suggest sunset but I don't know how that connects with a Latitude/longitude coordinate.
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Thanks for that. It proved to be the way forward with this!!

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Please can someone help me solve this puzzle as I am clueless and lost.

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