i Cryptic No 390 (Thursday) - please explain first clue!

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Fubsy | 12:33 Fri 11th May 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I really struggled with i 390 by Punk. 9/25/15/8 clue was "if slippery, a teacher masks perfect death" (1,4,4,1,4,2,8). I know now that the answer is "I feel like a pair of curtains" but I'm having trouble understanding why!

I get 'If eel like' for the 'if slippery' part but then after that I'm bamboozled! Can someone please explain the reasoning behind the solution as it's really doing my head in! Thank you!


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prof =A1 + 'curtains' means death
Prof = teacher
A1 = perfect
Brilliant, although where is the definition (or is there a theme?)

Patient: "Doctor, I feel like pair of curtains".
Doctor: "Pull yourself together"
Great clue
Question Author
Thank you SO much for explaining, I really couldn't get it and it was driving me barmy!
Think 'Doctor' linked a lot of clues.
I hope you enjoy today's as well, though you will need to know your operas.
Factor has hit on it. Her "Doctor, Doctor" joke gave two of the answers, the second being "Well, pull yourself together then".
Question Author
I haven't checked today's puzzle yet, I'm still recovering from yesterday's ordeal! Operas - oh dear, I feel another struggle coming on!

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i Cryptic No 390 (Thursday) - please explain first clue!

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