st ives (cambs) christmas lights quiz

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excelsior-1 | 11:01 Wed 02nd May 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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a few of you have responded already .. thank you. your quiz sheets are now in the post on their way to you. good luck


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Thanks for reminder. Application will be posted tomorrow.
Have mine ready for posting
Question Author
thank you both. i'll look out for them. good luck
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there is a slight error on the sheet. number 42 gives number of letters as (3,2,3,3) it should be (3,2,3,4) sorry about that folks. the letters are all there though.
this is my first one - i was wondering where the mistake might be
Question Author
i'm sorry folks. (those of you to whom i've sent the quiz already) another error.
number of letters for item 81 should be 3-5-4-4 not 3-5-3-4
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another few responses, thank you. the sheets will be posted to you today
Received quiz this morning. Haven't had chance to look it at yet. Thanks for new envelope excelsior-1, won't be buying any more of Tescos. Trouble is I have quite a few to use. Think I will use to send completed entries in and not for applying for quizzes then I can sellotape weak areas. Thanks again.
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my pleasure furry. thanks for supporting us. good luck with the quiz
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i'm sorry about this. number 60 is wrong

Q22 Need To add letter I
Q66 Swap letter N for letter I
Q75 asks for 24 letter anagram but only 19 given
Q82 Needs to add letter N
Q92 needs to add letter T
Q91 Can you confirm the letters are correct

Other than that - good quiz!
Sorry -

Q4. Replace C with B
Question Author
oh dear. i really have made some corkers haven't i

very very sorry

75 delete W add N O P Y Y Y
91 delete S add T

others as your list

(this is embarrassing)
Question Author
one again, my apologies to those of you who already have the quiz sheet, for all the errors - and my gratitude to those of you who noticed them.

i have now thrown away the hundreds i still had, and have re-typed it. i'll make more copies of this revised sheet over the weekend, and, hopefully there will still be some applications coming in from you good people (and your friends & relatives? .. spread the word). so, from this weekend onwards you will receive the new 'correct' sheets.

best (embarrassed) regards

The perils of quiz setting, don't be too hard on yourself.
Haven't you considered abandoning paper and postage altogether and going the electronic route? You'll get many times more entries...
I have put a link to this thread in the quiz round up, so more will see it.
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thank you mamya. first time i did this. hopefully if i'm asked by my town manager to do this again, i'll do better .. i promise
Mistakes are easily done on anagrams (been there, done that)

It is better to be "sorted" sooner rather than later!

Good quiz though if you like anagrams.
Question Author
agreed, quizmaster g. i am in your debt for noticing the errors .. you are indeed clever.

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st ives (cambs) christmas lights quiz

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