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macfhraing | 20:04 Tue 24th Apr 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last 6 out of the hundred: it doesn't give you the number of letters.

6 S- on a G-
100 L- on a C-
21 S- on a D-
200 P- for P- G- in a M-
2000 P- in a T- T- B-
7 E- on a F- P- P-

Any thoughts most welcome.


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200 pounds for passing go in monopoly
Could it be 21 sections on a dartboard? (I don't know anything about darts BTW)!!
a guess .. 2000 pimples in a table tennis bat?
6 Strings on a Guitar ?
21 spots on a die
i'd like to do this one. please supply details of how to obtain it
7 edges on a fifty pence piece?
21 sides on a dodecahedron (Just a guess)
sorry forget that answer!
100 legs on a centipede
Question Author
It's from the local Senior Citizens Club. It's not online. I'd need to scan and e-mail it.
can anyone help with another ditloid please
Thank you
41 Thieves plus Ali Baba

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