MM and KM Links March 2012 Week [5]

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gen2 | 20:26 Fri 30th Mar 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good evening Linkers. It is crunch time in both versions of the game - Week 5 out of 5. Who will take the crown?

Seekeerz oversees the KM version which is based on the Daily Telegraph GK crosswords. Play anytime until midnight on Sunday with an equal chance of points. Find it in Q&P posted at 7am (or earlier).

Time is much more important in the MM version of the game which is set by one of our own. A bonus window opens up for just two minutes as each link is first discovered so early play could be to your advantage. The shrubbery crowd know this well and stampede through the gate bang on 9am when the challenge words are posted by our current setter, Grannydi, in Q&P. An introduction will be posted 15 minutes earlier. Should you read it? Does it make any difference? - To be honest, it doesn't usually matter, but every once in a while, subtle hints are included in the preamble, but there again, it has been known to contain red herrings on occasions as well. Read it at your own risk.

Once again the shrubbery is open for discussion, scheming and celebration.

Until tomorrow then - Happy Linking


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Thanks, I'll get the hang of it eventually
Evening to anyone out in the shrubbery. It's gone a bit nippy now. We have the heating back on. I can't believe it, I was in my shorts earlier in the week!
Thanks gen2. As I understand it, the early bird gets the worm!
...or not, Euphemia! Depends if the beak is digging in the right place!
Too true, tearing hair!
evening one and all, are you ready for my final week?
I said last week that the hedgerows were greening up, what a difference a week makes, most are now in full leaf even up here in the North East. And I played golf in shorts on Tuesday, what glorious weather. I fear we will have to pay for it. See you all tomorrow that a special clue for us? :-))

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MM and KM Links March 2012 Week [5]

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