MM and KM Links March 2012 Week [1]

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gen2 | 20:00 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last month ended with Slaney top of the leaderboard and initially I offered the throne to her although she had set the links twice before. She reluctantly agreed but secretly hoped another would come forward instead.

Well, second-place Lysander was still in mourning but then 3rd placed GrannyDi offered her services and Slaney was most relieved. In fact I was taken aback a little by the offer since GrannyDi is currently sunbathing on the golfcourses of Gran Canaria. But it was true. She wanted to set the links, so we both agreed.

Unfortunately, the internet connection from Gran Canaria can br somewhat unreliable so it will probably fall upon myself to post the thread but it will be GrannyDi's challenge that you will be facing tomorrow.

Last time, Crofter dubbed her 'Princess Di' and she will continue to use this monicker throughout March. Watch out for the introduction in Q & P at 8:45 tomorrow morning to be followed by the challenge words at 9:00. New players are always welcome to pit their wits against the setter in order to guess what words have been paired to make new words or well known phrases. Be there to take part - the sooner the better because bonuses are most often picked up by the early-birds.

Don't forget our sister game - the KM Links which is based on the Telegraph GK crosswords. That is run by Seekeerz and is launched earlier (usually around 7am) but there are no time-sensitive bonus points in that game so there is no rush - play at your leisure.

The shrubber is now open for discussion, scheming and celebration. Who is going to researcg GrannyDi's previous month of challenges? Will it give them any advantage trying to second-guess her this time round? Who knows? Who cares?

Until tomorrow then - Happy Linking


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Evening all...
I can't remember how I did last time with grannyDi.

Well it's a bit warmer tonight in the shrubbery.
hi Gen and Pauline- watching Ulster stuffing Edinburgh here
What's that beejay?
rugby Pauline-so it is
Hoping the inclement weather doesn't freeze the pitch in Paris again.
Which inclement weather was that? We've been enjoying a mini-summer here in the southeast.
Well, in central London it's freezing fog with hints of sleet and snow in the air.
Hope it's not blowing in from the south east (Paris). running with squashed balls. :-)

It's been quite warm up North too! Manchester has had a couple of warm sunny days.
Daffodils and blossom out here. Can it last? No of course it can't.
Am surrounded by wrapping paper and polystyrene bead-things as I try to fit three birthday presents and four cards (wedding anniversary too) into a box light enough to qualify as a 'small packet' for USA. The room is a complete tip. And the washing line fell down today so a whole load of washing got dirty again. But hey, spring is on the way.
All you need to know is that association football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans and rugby football is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen.
Mine's a Guinness, by the way (struggling on a dodgy rioja at the moment).
hello all
Weather here in Gran canaria has been pretty good,so much so that I over did it yesterday and I'm more like a boiled lobster than any elegant Princess Diana. Still having trouble connecting to the internet, so will rely on Gen2 to post tomorrow. Not worth the risk of not getting connected.
Enjoy your evening.
Maybe you could post in the shrubbery now grannydi! :-)
Here you go BigMac


tearinghair...I have had that happen with washing...SO annoying!
My fault for putting too much out at once! reduced to playing Angry Birds on my mobile phone to calm down - why did I think that would work with a title like that?!
Hi all. It has been a lovely day here too (Midlands) but the forecast for the weekend is rain and much colder :-( What a shame as Car boots were starting tomorrow too !
Am going to get a glass of Stones Ginger wine tonight, not a Bailey's (just for a change) obviously have experience in getting yourself into pickles! :-))

Kay...I LOVE Stones ginger wine. Enjoy the car boot sale.
I have so much 'stuff' in the cellar...we really must do a car boot. Reg says it's his 'just in case stuff'! He saves things just in case...
My ginger wine was one of my Christmas presents. I love it too !! I don't know if there will be any car boots if it is raining. Typical really....lovely weather most of the week then horrible weekend
I will have to get down there soon Kay.
Yes. I am in Devon 23rd March for a few days but nothing else planned.

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