MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [3]

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gen2 | 18:33 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last week, MM Links players were treated to an absolute plethora of points as 'The Baron' (aka BeeJay) gave you a Valentine challenge. Thanks to the government's policy of Quantitative Easing, extra points were thrown into the pot to stimulate the economy.
What will he have in store for you this week? More of the same? Or a change of tack? Maybe the banker has closed the points account for being overdrawn? Or maybe there are still some points left in the pot.

Whatever the answers, the challenge will still go ahead AT 9 o'clock tomorrow morning in Q & P, preceded by an introduction 15 minutes earlier. Anybody can play - just guess what word pairings the setter has chosen. Pit your mind against his.

Of course you also have the challenge of the KM Links game based on the Telegraph GK crosswords. That is run by Seekeerz and is launched earlier (usually around 7am) but there are no time-sensitive bonus points in that game so there is no rush - play at your leisure.

The shrubbery gates have been opened earlier than usual because the caretaker is off to the theatre to support the local Amateur Dramatics Society. The barman is away as well but I'm sure someone will figure out how to open the bar before too long.

Have fun
Happy Linking


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Evening all...just got in. It's gone cold again tonight!
Evening, Pauline. Where is everyone? Nice to see you, to see you ...
Hope you've had a good time, wherever you've been, but sorry to hear the weather has turned cold again. We still have to make the drive up to yours the day after tomorrow, so hope it doesn't get any worse.
By the way, are you opening the bar tonight? Sounds as if you might need a drink if you're very cold. A Baileys will do nicely, thanks.
We went to see Peter and then he came with us for a quick drink with my brother and his wife. I came home earlier than usual as I was shattered...again! :-(

Right Bailey's coming up...I have just made myself a hot chocolate.
Evening all - just going out for a pint of the black stuff. May check in later... ... but may not.

Have a good weekend, all!
Hi Big Mac...have one for me.
Evening all, nice to hear about Peter Pauline it's not too cold here yet but I am filling the hot water bottle in case. Are you a Bailey's fan too Mo?
I am a Baileys fan too, but my combi boiler has packed up tonight so am having some ginger wine instead, to warm me up !!
Thanks Laney.
I love ginger wine Kay.
I tried to ring you during the week Kay, I left a message.
Sorry about your boiler, Kay. Why do these things always happen at weekends? Let's hope it doesn't get too cold for you without the heating. Have you a facility for hot water still available? When we foolishly ran out of oil earlier, we had no heating or hot water, as the immersion heater had been taken out and an airing cupboard is now in situ. But we had to boil up the kettle for washing up, etc. Not much fun.
Yes, Laney, I am a Bailey's fan at every possible opportunity. This site gave me some fabulous recipes for cakes, etc. using Bailey's, but the trouble was that by the time I wanted to add the Bailey's to the other ingredients, the bottle was always somehow empty, can't think why.
Question Author
I'm glad some of you at least were able to find this early thread.
I'm just back from watching the local AM Dram Soc perform three one-act plays. One was excellent, one was good and the third below average but still enjoyable.
Glad you enjoyed your evening, Gen.
Must go to bed now, time's getting short before our Big Trip and I should try to get some decent sleep while I can.
See youz all tomorrow. Night night.
No I have only got the kettle for hot water but have got a gas fire in the lounge so it's not too bad. have rung the plumber who fitted it and left a message. he was really good so hope he rings me in the morning !! yes Pauline I did get the message and one from Laney but everything has been so hectic with James, then Nicky and the boys have been up until today. hope to speak to you over the weekend xx

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MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [3]

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