MM Links Results February 2012 Week 2

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gen2 | 19:01 Sun 12th Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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MM Links Results February 2012 Week 2


Well, .Baron BeeJay' answered the call and offered you a special selection for Valantine's Day.

I can now reveal that his chosen links were

Before revaling the scores, it is probably a good time to remind you of one of the rules.
What you suggest MUST be a WORD (or hyphenated pair). When it is linked with the challenge word, it should either make a new wird ar a recognised phrase.

GABLE is fine when paired with HUG but a couple of players threw away a chance by suggesting non-words.
No slapped wrists or detention, just trying to help you score more.

Scores will follow shortly.


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You are decidedly interesting with you post his evening xx :)

However, your attention to this game is hugely appreciated.
What is a RADY meal please? Never heard of that before!
Pot kettle black, sorry.

I am succumbing to temptation to ask if Gen2 has been on the gin too:

(typed with affection)
Question Author
Looks like Christmas came early (or late) with a massive 60 points handed out to the faithful.

Fortunately for many of you, one of the links really only had two commonly used pairings and by far the majority went for the same one as The Baron.
Roslyn251254 was straight out of the Shrubbery Gates with BEAR HUG with evsajo, BigMac, rockfordill, Strix, owllady, slaney, ulysses100 & grannydi all in time for 2 points.

Rockfordill also collected 2 points for BROKEN

Tearinghair missed out on those but was the first with KISS CURL. Owllady, slaney and Brenden were in time for 2 points as well.

Three minites passed and three links discovered.

Link 4 was obstinate and hung on undiscovered until twenty to two in the afternoon when Manxiemo became the only player to suggest READY MEAL.
I was thinking that might qualify for Hotshot ,but then, late on Sunday, Patchett became the only triple hitter so:

*** HOTSHOT OF ***
**** THIS WEEK ****
Congratulations - we haven't had a triple hitter for a long time.

In summary, this weeks scorers were:

4 owllady
4 rockfordill
4 slaney
3 Brenden
3 patchett
2 BigMac
2 Eiggam
2 evsajo
2 grannydi
2 Handbaglady
2 lysander
2 Manxiemo
2 roslyn251254
2 seekeerz
2 sibton
2 Strix
2 teacher1
2 tearinghair
2 ulysses100
2 x-ray
1 albaqwerty (Mrs)
1 Aquagility
1 ChrisHewat (Shazza)
1 cliffyg
1 deecee131
1 Euphemia
1 fordward
1 jobjockey
1 kawakiri
1 ladyalex
1 mirandasmum
1 wickedtongue

and the leaderboard ?
Question Author
Top of the leaderboard looks like this after 2 weeks:

6 grannydi
5 lysander
5 patchett
4 owllady
4 rockfordill
4 slaney
4 Strix
3 BigMac
3 Brenden
3 Eiggam
3 Handbaglady
+ 16 on 2 points
& 11 on 1 point

There's no knowing whether The Baron will be as generous next weekend so to make the most from it, try to play early but those unable to do so can take heart from this week's performances by Manxiemo and Patchett.

At this half-way point, it is still anyones game, so until next weekend,
Happy Linking
It's an addictive game (as is KM links) thanks again Gen2

Congratulations to the point scorers.
Question Author
No Alba, I HATE gin.

Just choked up with a cold and frustrated because I was half way through running off 120 copies of a 4-page newsletter (for the local Art Club) when it stopped and announced "The Photoconductor Unit has reached the end of its Service Life" (there is no override button).

I was therefore late and getting rushed for the results.

CHRIS, It was of course a READY MEAL as you no doubt realised.

My printer has now been conned into thinking the old unit is a new one. All it takes is an 80 mA fuse and I knew I had one somewhere.
Gen, you just take time to post. It's very good of you to do this.

I threaten my pc with a sledgehammer occasionally. (Not mad keen on gin either tbh)
Oh well - thanks gen2, hope you feel better soon :-)
Thank you gen.
Thanks gen2 and Baron Beejay. That's about as close as I'll get to Valentine's Day celebrations; after 46 yrs I still haven't managed to convince OH that romance is good!
It looks like my entry must have failed to register or I would have had a score for Kiss curl and Bear hug? Big sigh.
Thanks Baron Beejay and Gen2.

Elspeth's 9.45 entry (Kiss curl and Bear hug) certainly appeared on my screen.
Thank you gen2 and Baron Beejay.Can't believe I got three right.Must have been something I drank at Jade(my granddaughter)and Paul's wedding on Saturday.Shall have to get a bottle in!Now I wonder which one it was?!?!
Question Author
Hold on Elspeth, I'll check.
Wow I actually scored 2 points. !! thanks Baron and thanks to you too Gen for working out the scores. hope you feel better soon
It was a great encouragement to know I had managed to gain two points despite being so late in posting, as after next weekend Christiana and I will both be away on the other side of the world and, if we get the chance to post at all, it could be at any hour of the day or night!
Who knows what will happen with Beejay's month of setting, there's hope for all of us, early or late!
Question Author
Of course you are correct Elspeth.
A couple of the rails on my abacus had become sticky and the formulae had been corrupted. Now corrected.
Kawakiri's score remains unaltered at 1 point.
Your score however becomes 2 points, which added to last week's score puts you on 3 points overall. The master scoreboard has been updated.

I have been back to last week's spreadsheet and that is uncorruped so nothing to alter there. Just this week affected. Don't know how it happened. I'll try and lock the formulae for subsequent weeks (if I can find out how) so it can't happen again.

Thank you for keeping me alert Elspeth.
Thank you so much gen 2 for the points. I am now a happy bunny. And thank you eagle-eyed Aquagility for your support.
Wow, two whole points. Glad I woke early!

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