MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [2]

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gen2 | 20:02 Fri 10th Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last week, I was reduced to asking a penguin to set the links in the MM Links Game and it turned out to be an average game pointswise. I have now summoned up a reserve in the form of BeeJay who will set the challenge for the next three weekends. Beejay has set the links twice before so serious players are welcome to use the search facility to research his style and preferences. The rest will go with gut instinct and first impressions as usual.

Beejay, previously known as 'Baron Brian' will post an introduction in Q & P at 8:45am tomorrow. The 4 challenge words will then follow at 9:00. Bonus points in this game are triggered by the first discovery of each link and remain available for just two minutes. Earlyplay is therefore advised, but elusive links often remain undiscovered until late on Saturday afternoon.

A lora lora people scored a point last week (but not me) in the KM version of the game. Can that be repeated? Can you do better?
Find out tomorrow morning in Q & P when Seekeers posts the shaded words from Saturday's Telegraph crossword. No rush there though, no bonuses dependent upon time.

New players are always welcome in both games. Just guess what word can be joined either in front of, or after, the published word to make a known new word or phrase.

The 'Shrubbery' is now open for socialising. Remember though that this is an open forum so any discussion of strategies will be seen by all

Have fun


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Evening all. Any ideas would be welcome. I am hopeless lately!
It's quiet here tonight!
Hi Pauline, thought I would pop in where is everyone?
They must be hiding Laney! :-)

Hope you are okay. Did you go out for your birthday?
Yup, I'm hiding
from the parcel bomber
who has promised to deliver personally.
Wouldn't you?
LOL...I am waiting in the shrubbery to jump out on you Strix...with your gift. :-)) (It's a bit chilly to be dressed like this!) :-))
I was stuck in a chair with a cat on my lap so obviously I couldn't move to get to the computer. Now I've come upstairs to the office, and would you believe there's another cat on my chair in here. Am typing this kneeling on the floor.
cats rule eh?
Our rescued kitten sits on top of the keyboard, and I actually asked it to excuse me yesterday while I typed something! Then I realised how mad I was....
Question Author
Have you only just realised Pauline?
It has been our best-kept secret for years now.
You just sound like a typical cat-lover, Pauline. A completely mad acquaintance of mine has no less than THIRTY FOUR Siamese cats (can you just imagine the noise??) and many is the time she has spent the night sleeping on the floor because her bed is full of cats. Needless to say, she lives on a farm miles from anywhere.
Apologies from Christiana tonight, she has all three of her sons here to celebrate her birthday tomorrow, and they are playing some daft computer game on the television with great shrieks of laughter and screams of frustration (from the boys as well as her).
As for me, I have just done all the washing up ...
Roll on tomorrow, when even more people turn up for the Big Day. Can't wait. Heaven only knows when the MM links will be done by either of us.
Bless 'em all, I say.
What's mad about that, Pauline? I'd say it's perfetly natural. Strange how some people just don't seem to understand.....
I even gently move them from my seat...and put them on my knee of course!
Yes Pauline we did go out for a meal last night to a lovely little pub out in the country and the food was great. Got caught in a snow storm on the way home but managed to arrive in one piece!
Mo sounds as if its a mad house over there, hope Christiana has a lovely day tomorrow.
Yes ...have a great day all of you.

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MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [2]

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