RT 7 1d 10a& 15d

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morebattle | 13:42 Wed 08th Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can I have help!
1d Maybe add ten to relative of Sam Malone (3,6) I have ?e? ??n?0?
10a King Charles leaves debtee with reviser ???t?r
15d Kpt outside historical boundary with head protected (8) I have h?l???e?

Thankyou in advance


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10a creditor
Ted Danson
15d Helmeted Keep=held around outside of mete=historical boundary
1d Ted Danson anagram of (add ten) and (son) Ted Danson
played Sam Malone in A TV series. I think it
was 'Cheers'
10a editor Take cr (king charles) from ' creditor' An editor
being a 'reviser'

15d helmeted hel mete d held(kept) outside (mete) I think
mete must be an old word for boundary
Last two posters, what is the point in answering questions DAYS after they have been answered originally?
I would love to know too. Why take the time to type out something that is not required? Also why look at last weeks, already answered, questions?

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RT 7 1d 10a& 15d

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