MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [1]

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gen2 | 20:08 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Forgive me, but the MM links game has a minor crisis at the moment.
At the end of January, there were three players tied at the top. In order of decreasing time since they were last setter, they were:
Lysander (Apr 2008)
Centrino (Feb 2010)
Beejay (Mar 2011)

Lysander declined the offer for understandable reasons.
I then offered the crown to Centrino, but he never contacted me. Centrino - please email me before the close of this weekend's game (7pm Sunday) to get in touch on
at (replace with symbol)

Beejay, please stand by as a reserve.

The game will start as usual tomorrow morning at 8:45 with the introduction and the four challenge words will follow at 9:00.
It is the start of a new month so everyone's scores have been reset to zero - a level playing field for February. Every match you can guess scores a point and an extra bonus point goes to the first discoverer of each link and also to anyone else guessing the same answer within 2 minutes of that discovery. Anyone can play and new players are welcome. Just look out for the MM Links Game thread in Q&P tomorrow.

Why not also try your hand at our sister game of the KM Links (based on the Daily Telegraph GK Crosswords) which is launched by Seekeerz early on Saturday in Q&P. No time-sensitive bonus points there to no rush is necessary.

Talking of 'rushes' I have sent the bouncers home early (the bank balance is getting low) so when the shrubbery gates are opened (ie now) I expect an orderly queue and not a mad rush. Sorry my free drinks weren't to your liking last Friday ;-) blame the same bank balance.
Maybe we could raise funds by offering hints to the links?

Tomorrow's links will be on the subject of . . .
Maybe not - I think my email account has been hacked by The NOTW and there may well be Paparazzi lurking behind every bush.

The Shrubbery gates are now open.


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We have visitors right now. Just finished the meal and popped in to post this.
Won't be back until much later.
Enjoy yourselves, but leave the place kinda tidy before you go.
I bet it's cold in the shrubbery tonight..... so far this winter in the Heart of England (the Tourist Board's name for us) we've escaped the snow, but some is promised for tomorrow. On with the wellies and out with the camera!
Just a quick hello, as we are dreadfully late with our evening meal, which will be ready in a minute or two. Besides a bit worried about the NOTW and the phone hacking - Sarumite are you there? Perhaps you could disguise yourself as a reporter and make contact with the enemy.
Evening all...cold here but no snow .... yet!

So who is setting tomorrow's links then?
ah..gen 2 I presume....
I'd guess it will be Gen2?
Well I've been useless lately!
It's cold in the shrubbery tonight...we need to light a fire.
It's freezing in this shrubbery. Glad I have got my thermals on. I was in the Girl Guides and I can make a campfire if you want.
Go for it Kay!...

I think we need a hot toddy.
Ok well we need some kindling. Really we should make a wood pile starting with the very thin stuff and then gradally getting thicker and thicker. We could also do with 2 bricks and we start the fire in between then and as it starts to burn we put thicker and thicker pieces of wood on. Has anyone got any matches ???
Good evening all.
Yes it is certainly cold (even down South)
Suggest we get a bonfire going in the shrubbery
Back in a min, just going to get a glass of Baileys.
Sorry Kay - didn't see you had already got one organised
I meant the fire but I see you have also organised the drinks as well !!
Whoops. i got a bit confused.....that's how we made an individual fire when we went cooking in the guides !!! A campfire is a lot lot bigger !!!!
Evening x-ray... Brrr....

Kay, you've done this before! The fire AND the Bailey's!
yes x ray. I don't usually drink but when I just went to get Baileys I saw a bottle of Stones ginger wine and decided I would have a glass of that instead. it's so cold we could do with some mulled wine !
We will have to have some campfire songs, entertainment..

If you are still there Tearinghair where abouts in the Heart of England do you come from ?? I am from Staffordshire.
Oh Pauline lol. So it's you who bought the beans !!!

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MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [1]

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