MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [1]

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gen2 | 20:08 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Forgive me, but the MM links game has a minor crisis at the moment.
At the end of January, there were three players tied at the top. In order of decreasing time since they were last setter, they were:
Lysander (Apr 2008)
Centrino (Feb 2010)
Beejay (Mar 2011)

Lysander declined the offer for understandable reasons.
I then offered the crown to Centrino, but he never contacted me. Centrino - please email me before the close of this weekend's game (7pm Sunday) to get in touch on
at (replace with symbol)

Beejay, please stand by as a reserve.

The game will start as usual tomorrow morning at 8:45 with the introduction and the four challenge words will follow at 9:00.
It is the start of a new month so everyone's scores have been reset to zero - a level playing field for February. Every match you can guess scores a point and an extra bonus point goes to the first discoverer of each link and also to anyone else guessing the same answer within 2 minutes of that discovery. Anyone can play and new players are welcome. Just look out for the MM Links Game thread in Q&P tomorrow.

Why not also try your hand at our sister game of the KM Links (based on the Daily Telegraph GK Crosswords) which is launched by Seekeerz early on Saturday in Q&P. No time-sensitive bonus points there to no rush is necessary.

Talking of 'rushes' I have sent the bouncers home early (the bank balance is getting low) so when the shrubbery gates are opened (ie now) I expect an orderly queue and not a mad rush. Sorry my free drinks weren't to your liking last Friday ;-) blame the same bank balance.
Maybe we could raise funds by offering hints to the links?

Tomorrow's links will be on the subject of . . .
Maybe not - I think my email account has been hacked by The NOTW and there may well be Paparazzi lurking behind every bush.

The Shrubbery gates are now open.


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I thought the air generated would warm things up a bit!
I think everyone has gone .......The odour may have driven them away !!!!
I remember a trick from the scouts: how to make a fire with two pieces of wood.

The trick was to make sure one of them was a match... ...

[I'll get my coat]
Sorry, went back downstairs to finish off a bit of knitting. Evsajo, I'm right in the middle, in Warwickshire. In my youth we lived about half a mile away from the Heart of England oak tree which marked the centre of England, but that was always disputed by Meriden and anyway the council decided to cut it down so we sort of lost the moral high ground!
Fancy cutting the tree down! :-(( need to knit us all some woolly socks!
I have a hip-flask of Irish whiskey (practising for Sunday afternoon) - might warm up anyone who wants a taste?
[And I don't fancy being at Murrayfield at dusk tomorrow... ..]
Have you any Brandy? I prefer that to whisky! :-)
I never could turn a sock heel, Pauline. I do a nice line in shawls though!
Well tearinghair, I've knitted more little pink cardies than I care to count recently! :-))
Here in the north east(of scotland)its only -2 quite a nice night
for something
bet you could do them in your sleep Pauline! Talking of which I'm off up to the loft to find a thicker duvet.
It's not got over 4 here today fordward. That is quite mild for you!

Tearinghair...I have put a spare duvet on top of ours, but the other half gets too hot. :-((
I thought you had all gone to bed so I have been playing Scrabble online !! Goodness me that ginger wine has certainly warmed me up. !!!
There is supposed to be snow here tomorrow so may go sledging !!!

NOTE TO CROFTER I know Crofter sometimes reads the threads so this is just to point out to him that I spell "tomorrow" properly all the time now, thanks to you xx
Yes, we miss you Crofter. If you do happen to look in it would be great to hear from you.
Let's face it, we all know each other because of you.
Good evening all...perhaps this will warm you up!
This cold ground is sending by bottom numb! I might just have to pop under the duvet soon!
Sorry everyone but I am going to bed now. Not had much sleep over last few nights so need to try and catch up. I think I will sleep tonight !!! Nite nite xx
Some of those people will be freezing little on tonight!
Goodnight have had a very long week. I hope you sleep well. xx

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MM and KM Links February 2012 Week [1]

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