prize Quest Issue 73

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Jumbo747 | 19:03 Sat 28th Jan 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am having trouble my last clue on page 10 of Prize Quest issue 73:

clue: lift up E - O - A - E

I would have automatically thought 'elevate' but the O is definitely right (from rectory).

Thank you all in advance, J


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what is your clue for rectory please?
evocate has been an answer this week but I think the clue was different
Looks like Elevate , if your O is wrong
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Thank you:
Clue: vicarage R - C - - - Y which I'm sure must be rectory, cupid.
I did wonder about 'evocate' but I can't see it somehow..........
when we finish the crossword what do we put on the answer form?
Question Author
Haven't a clue! That was going to be my next question.

Do you think it's 'evocate'?
Does it matter as there is nothing to say how to answer that competition?

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prize Quest Issue 73

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