MM and KM Links December 2011 Week [3]

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gen2 | 21:40 Fri 16th Dec 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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First an announcement:
The MM Links game WILL run over Christmas weekend (and New Year)
The KM Links game will be taking a break after this weekend.

That means it is game on as usual tomorrow morning in both versions.

In the MM game, the challenge is being set by by our Royal Jockey - jobjockey. We think/hope we have overcome all the gremlins and so at last there should be nothing to distract players.

This weekend jobjockey (AKA 'King John') will prove that he hasn't lot his marbles or his Family Jewels in the wash. (In my experience, it is only colours that come out in the wash!). He will post an introduction in Q & P at 9:45 tomorrow, followed by his challenge words at 9:00 exactly (fingers crossed). Remember that each bonus points remain available for just 2 minutes after each link is discovered, so early playing is advised (but not essential).

In the KM game there are no time-sensitive bonus points so there is no rush there. Seekeerz from Australia is in charge of that game and usually has it up and running by 7am in Q & P. Play anytime over the weekend.

It is getting late and I can see shadowy figures at the shrubbery gates so I mus get down there now and unlock them.

See you all tomorrow.
Happy Linking


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I like to think I am so shadowy that no one can see even the spectre of me, but ......

but total change of subject, I have not idea of how many if any of you like Leonard Cohen, but, in the off chance you do, play this:

Leonard Cohen Live In London 2009 - Tower of Song
Got the link wrong:
Try this:

Sorry, none seem to work....
Is that 8.45 Gen2? (I wouldn't quibble, but we might have some new people joining)
Down to single figures on Hotpot 5, but I simply don't know where to go with the last eight or nine (think it's eight and a half actually)
Question Author
Well spotted Tearinghair - my fingers are beginning to lose their aim. 8:45am it should be. Hopefully people will realise when they see it starts at 9:00.

I will no longer be here by 9:45 as I have to open up for our Art Club Christmas Sale, so the game had better be all under way by 9.
btw, if anyone is in touch with crofter please give him my best wishes and say I'm thinking about him particularly at Christmas and New Year.
Just got in...been with the twins helping my sister. Their Dad was on a night out! Good Luck with the links tomorrow everyone.
See you all in the shrubbery next Friday! :-)

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MM and KM Links December 2011 Week [3]

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