MM and KM Links December 2011 Week [2]

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gen2 | 18:44 Fri 09th Dec 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Apologies for the early post, but I am off to a Christmas function with the Art Club.

Apologies too for the confusing start to the MM game last weekend. I hope we now have all the bugs ironed out and it will launch as expected in Q & P with the intro going up at 8:45 tomorrow morning and the game itself getting underway at 9 am. New players are always welcome. All that is required is for you to guess what word will go with a challenge-word to make either a new word or a well-known phrase.
For example, If the challenge word was 'cheese' then you might suggest 'blue' or 'cake' to go with it. To make it easier, we limit answers to be from 4 to 8 letters in length. Why not have a go?

As for the sister game of KM Links, that too has been having launch problems, both at the Australia end, and at the Telegraph's end.ABers are a resourceful lot, and whatever happens, if not seekeerz, someone will ensure it gets under way somehow. Watch out in Q&P from 7am onwards. No rush in that version of the game - you can play anytime up to midnight Sunday.

Jobjockey tells me that King John was a bad King and maybe that jinxed the start last week? I don't know, but if the gremlins continue this weekend, I will consider a re-branding of the Royal Jockey's title.
(History is not my strong point)

I hope players can find this thred which I have had to post early. It will probably be a page or more deep before most log in.

Oh yes, one last thing, The Christmas weekend game: Nobody objected when I suggested it a couple of weeks back. Jobjockey is happy with it, and I will able to score it, but the post of those scores may be a little later than the usual 7pm.
Let me know if you think it will disadvantage too many players who may be away for Christmas. Final decision next weekend.

Happy Linking



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Hope you enjoy the Art Club do, gen2. I look forward to Jobjockey's offerings tomorrow and hope to have better success this week!
You'll have to excuse me on Christmas Eve, Gen2. But I'll be happy to accept the decision of the majority.
I will be waiting in the morning and hoping I do a bit better than last week ! Hope you have a good time tonight Gen.
Question Author
Fresh back from our function which was enjoyed by all.

It is just as I feared, hardly anyone found the thread this evening. Never mind, there is always next week.
Sorry I was out at a Christmas do last night. At another tonight too!

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MM and KM Links December 2011 Week [2]

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