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vinpaul | 11:04 Mon 28th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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vinpaul Registered User Join Date: Dec 2008Posts: 82 Adverts | Friends Phoenix Magazine Xmas 2011 Crossword
This time of year again
Any help on some missing clues would be very welcome.
30 Dn: Is territory the answer? In the main, yes. (6) ?S????
Could it be ISLAND. Using D from ADDER, is land in the sea??
31 Dn: Is Carol, upset, likely to tend the bearer of the bearer what Christmas is all about (6, 6) ?I??? ??????
41 Dn: Experts considered idea for helping singlehanded (10) P?O???E?I?
55 Dn: Wood-spirit with a tail can name all the animals in the entire area (5) ?????
42 Ac: One side to agreement finds recompense is about right (5) ?????
49 Ac: In summer, you can find this very low, unpleasant creature, (5) ????? Could it be "ADDER" summer low creature!!
54 Ac: There's something going on when it's back in the ship with two rounds in it (5) ?????
58 Ac: One who doesn't sound very firm in his or her faith (6) ?????R
"could be holier"
Note 5 clues are subject to the answer to 31 down.Thanks to anyone who returns any solutions.


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41d Prosthesis
30d: Island
31d: Little Donkey
55d: Fauna
42a: Party
49a: Adder
54a: Afoot
58a: Quaker

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Phoenix Magazine Xmas Xword 2011

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