MM Links Results November 2011 Week 4

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gen2 | 20:00 Sun 27th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What a climax to this month's game!
'Regal Roslyn' chose fairly straightforward links this weekend and points were scattered like confetti.

I can reveal that her chosen links were:


All were found within the first couple of minutes and continued to provide a steady flow of points thereafter.

Details follow:


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PINEAPPLE was gobbled up by the first player, Dinkypuzzled, and matched by Christiana within two minutes also for 2 points.

Tearinghair, as the second player found the popular WONDER WOMAN handing out 2 points which were also claimed within the timeframe by slaney, jobjockey, owllady, Aquagility and beejay1124

The 4th player, Ulysses100, then found both the remaining pairings of TURKEY TROT and ROMAN NOSE for 4 points.
2-point bonuses were earned on 'turkey trot' by jobjockey, Strix, Aquagility, Manxiemo & bejay1124.
'Roman nose' provided bonuses for Aquagility & bejay1124.

If you were counting, you will have realised that not only were Ulysses100 and JobJockey double-hitters, but we had TWO TREBLE HITTERS in Aquagility and beejay1124. Surprisingly, their entries were timed at the same time and both went for the same wrong link in the final one!
I therefore declare:
**** THIS WEEK ARE ****
***** AQUAGILITY *****
*** & JOBJOCKEY ***

Amongst later players picking up single points, Handbaglady, lysander & cliffyg were all double-hitters.

In summary, this week's points were:

6 Aquagility
6 beejay1124
4 jobjockey
4 ulysses100
2 Christiana
2 cliffyg
2 Dinkypuzzled
2 Handbaglady
2 lysander
2 Manxiemo
2 owllady
2 slaney
2 Strix
2 tearinghair
1 albaqwerty (Mrs)
1 boxtops
1 centrino
1 Eiggam
1 Elspeth
1 grannydi
1 joto
1 ladyalex
1 middlestump
1 Ont-ice (Mr)
1 twix123
1 x-ray
Question Author
The leaderboard is published below, but we have the championship to declare first.

It has ended up as something of a nightmare for me as the leader up until now (BigMac) failed to score and was overtaken by FOUR players who all ended up on 8 points.
Who to choose?
Well, both Aquagility and Beejay1124 were triple hitters.
Both JobJockey and Slaney scored on all four games from matching 5 links.
Either way, there is no outright winner so I am declaring a four-way tie for the November championship.

*** NOVEMBER 2011 ARE ***
******* AQUAGILITY *******
******* BEEJAY1124 *******
******* JOBJOCKEY *******
******* and SLANEY *******

Now a further dilemma - Who will be the new setter for December?
If my records are accurate, I detect Beejay and Slaney have each set the links twice before.
Aquagility has set them just once.

On that basis I therefore invite JOBJOCKEY to set the links for December 2011
Lots of help and guidance is provided as required.

** Please contact **
** me by email on **
** grytvikengen2 **
** at **
** **

And of course, before I sign off, i must say a huge thank you to 'Regal Roslyn' aka roslyn251254.
You have worked well to provide the challenges this month and we all appreciate the time and effort spent on it.
Thank you.

Until next weekend then, Happy Linking, gen2

The final points table as promised:

8 Aquagility
8 beejay1124
8 jobjockey
8 slaney
7 BigMac
6 Strix
6 ulysses100
5 cliffyg
5 grannydi
5 lysander
4 deecee131
4 Dinkypuzzled
4 Eiggam
4 owllady
4 rockfordill
4 twix123
3 Brenden
3 centrino
3 Elspeth
3 fordward
3 joto
2 albaqwerty (Mr)
2 albaqwerty (Mrs)
2 boxtops
2 Christiana
2 cupid04
2 Handbaglady
2 kettledrum
2 ladyalex
2 Manxiemo
2 middlestump
2 patchett
2 paulineward
2 tearinghair
2 x-ray
1 Euphemia
1 JimJools (Jim)
1 kawakiri
1 mirandasmum
1 Ont-ice (Mr)
1 Ont-ice (Mrs)
1 seekeerz
1 wickedtongue
Thanks Regal Roslyn and Gen2, and many congratulations to the four joint champions and to Jobjockey in particular. Do we anticipate a horse-racing theme next month?
ty Gen 2 and Rosyln
well done all
Thank you - no points this week, but it was fun, and at least I'm on the board!
Well done to the 4 joint champions - I was very generous with the points this week to make up for last! Looking forward to your links jobjockey - don't worry, gen2 will be your guide all the way!
Thank you Roslyn for ths month and thanks also to gen2 for continuing this addictive game xx
Thanks gen2 and Roslyn.

Good Luck JobJockey.
A fantastic month - especially as I was only able to play on three of the weeks. Well set, Roslyn, and thanks as ever to Gen2.
Many thanks gen2 and Roslyn and congratulations to the 4 champions.
Well, what can I say? Other than:

Congratulations to A, b, j and s; many thanks to Roslyn; and above all thanks to gen2.

What have I learnt this month? Sycophancy does not work..

Good luck next month, everyone.
I am very pleased to have been nominated to do the honours for December but I'm afraid I will be rather busy with hospital appointments and possibly being kept in,plus Christmas activities, will get in touch ,and hopefully keep on ice for the new Year
All the best Jobjockey
Thank you regal roslyn and gen2
Well done the winners (and all the other points scorers.)
Thanks Regal Roslyn for an interesting month and Gen2 for the hard work of keeping the scores. Well done to all the point scorers and the joint winners.

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MM Links Results November 2011 Week 4

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