MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 4

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gen2 | 21:34 Fri 25th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I was so engrossed watching 'Autumnwatch' that I nearly forgot to open the 'Shrubbery' gates.

This weekend sees the climax to the November games and 'Regal Roslyn' will be setting her final links in the MM Game (Q&P 8:45 / 9:00) tomorrow morning. I wonder what holiday destination has inspired her last posting?
I don't need to remind you that this game has bonus points that favour early players. Results will be posted 7pm Sunday.

Of course the KM game also completes its November run this weekend. Seekeerz organises that one and seems to be on top of her internet connection problems (famous last words) and should launch that version of the game early on Saturday (also in Q&P). No rush necessary to play that game because there are no time-sensitive bonus points there.

New players are always welcome to both games. Why not have a go tomorrow.

Good luck.



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I was watching Ray Mears in Scotland, in the hope of finding a few answers to a certain quiz......
Have also been watching Autumnwatch - very good programme tonight.
Evening all - well - gen2 and tearinghair
Evening all...Hasn't it gone cold?
Famous last words alright, gen2 !! should all be fixed next Thursday - fingers crossed !!

Good evening all - cold and wet down here too
Good luck with that, skz! In the meantime you may still be opening KM at 1 am, right? I might not stay up for that....
Evening Pauline and seekeerz.
Yes, the cold weather is beginning to creep in now - I hate the winter, dark cold long evenings. Never mind soon be Christmas and then we can look forward to Spring
x-ray...I always look forward to 21st Dec...then the nights start getting lighter again!
I detest the winter, it depresses me.
I hate going to work in the dark, getting home in the dark, not seeing the sun... ... ...
But the bright sunny uplands of the KM and MM quizzes keep me going!

[Is that sufficiently sycophantic to ensure points, Ed?]
Nice try BigMac.!!!
Big are a creep! :-)))
That will not get you a hint from the setters!
I am going to have to revise my I am way out each week.
And I love you, too, Pauline!
Question Author
Tearinghair, As far as I am aware, Ray Mears didn't give away any quiz secrets, though the fact that he was in the 'flow' country was a big clue to 25% of the answers.
Incidentally, one of our club members tells me he has just one left to solve.

Big-Mac, Sook as much as you like, it wont get you anywhere.

Seekeerz, I did think of not mentioning it but don't believe in tempting fate.

Yes Pauline it is colder - much colder up here today.

I'm now off upstairs to print off another 50 copies of my quiz - Anyone want one?
It's very cold here too, and it's supposed to be getting very windy. I have been rubbish with my links for ages, the harder I try the worse I get :-( Car boots are coming to an end now so will probably be on here more often now !!!
I am glad you will be here Kay!

gen2...I do want your quiz...I keep forgetting to send for it!

Big Mac....I like your tactics!
If it is nice in morning may pop out to Car boot first !!! lol. It doesn't alter my points anyway Pauline. These dark nights could do with a visit from you to make me laugh. xx

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MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 4

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