MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 3

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gen2 | 17:00 Fri 18th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This will be both brief and early as we are going out shortly.

Tomorrow morning, 'Regal Roslyn' concludes her Australian saga and challenges you to guess 4 links in the MM Game (Q&P 8:45 / 9:00 tomorrow). Note that this game has bonus points that favour early players. Results are posted 7pm Sunday.

The more leisurely KM game is watched over by Seekeers (also in Q&P). There is no rush, play any time before midnight Sunday.

This shrubbery thread is now open for those who can find it.

Good luck


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Evening all...if anyone is there!
Thank you gen2. I look forward to pitting my wits against Roslyn again tomorrow.
Good evening Pauline and Euphemia.
Where is everybody tonight ? The shrubbery has been open since 5
They are scarce, aren't they. There must be a lot happening tonight.
I am in Lincolnshire staying with Christiana and Manxiemo....we have been busy all day, but chilling now! :-)

I have gone from bad to worse in the links...I have lost the plot somewhere!
I'm not doing very well either.....
good evening folks. I give up on getting any links but will keep trying :D
Well, we'll just all have to make a big effort this weekend to tune in to Roslyn's way of thinking!
I think I have the worst record of all on the MM links. None so far this month, 1 last month, none in September and 1 in August.
Still trying though, as you say albaqwerty.
It is good fun x-ray :)

Might be crud at it but I do so enjoy playing it. (Mr Alba has tagged along too, so it must be a good thing!!)
I tried to get Mrs x-ray into it a few years ago but she wasn't interested - she thinks I'm mad...she's probably right, but I do enjoy the weekend get together with the links games - as well as the Telegraph crosswords of course.
Tell Mrs x-ray that my other half joins in when he can!
We've both been bad lately though. :-(

It is good fun though...
Evening shrubbery dwellers
I'm not brainy enought to do the DT. I liked the Glasgow Herald begfore it became the Herald but KWG was a swine of a crossword setter :)
We need a plan...
Evening Magyar, haven't seen you in the shrubbery lately
Question Author
I'm just back - glad to see some of you made your way here OK.

Can't help you with plans I'm afraid you're on your own with those.
Evening all. I'm also doing very badly, but I need my Links fix on Saturday morning so will keep trying!
The same goes for your Hotpot, Gen 2.... just over halfway now. I did the last one with a friend, but she has since died so I'm on my own this time. I'm particularly proud of having got #38!
Yes, been a while since I ventured out x-ray
Is everybody ok?

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MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 3

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